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GDriveFS is an innovative FUSE wrapper for Google Drive developed under Python 2.7.

Using this utility, you can mount your Google Drive as a normal disk. Supports both read and write operations.

You need to authorize the app first, using:

$ gdfstool auth -u

and then adding the code from visited address to:

$ gdfstool auth -a /var/cache/gdfs.creds "<code>"

where you can replace /var/cache/gdfs.creds with any file you want to save your credentials to.


For more information on how to mount the disk and how to add it to /etc/fstab, visit


Adding the line to /etc/fstab may cause Jolla being stuck during boot. It happened to me and was solved only by uncommenting the line in fstab in recovery mode shell. So consider mounting the filesystem only on demand.

Application versions: 
File python-gdrivefs-0.14.3-0.noarch.rpm119.29 KB06/05/2015 - 02:03