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OBSOLETE: Please use package that adds a system setting, kindly made by coderus 1)


A simple switch for TOR.
 - enables/disables the TOR daemon
 - enables/disables the SOCKS proxy setting in Sailfish Browser
 - indicated using a flipping icon






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On 1.1.7 changing the tor status results in killing lipstick process; however it works and the icon shows the current status.

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Correct. This was necessary change since 1.1.6 to update the Icon.

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But it closes all apps, clears the clipboard, etc. I prefer it to show the status on the cover, for example.

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Although tor-switch seems to work (ie the browser starts and stops using tor), I don't get the feedback window and the tor-switch icon doesn't change.

Also (this is probably more related to tor than to tor-switch but I'll ask it here anyway), when tor is enabled it doesn't seem to recognise hidden services with URL ending in .onion

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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As for the icon> This started during I believe 1.1.2.x update. I guess Jolla changed the refresh for some reason, eg smoothiness.

While the icon doesnt change, the tor service is indeed enable/disabled.on press.

If you want the icon refreshed a work-around is - unfortunately - restarting lipstick in terminal

systemctl-user restart lipstick.service

I have considered adding this to tor-switch, but as it does take longer to refresh the con this way, I have not done so - yet.

The .onion doesnt work. This is because the DNS is not changed.

You can do this, also in terminal, by using iptables to redirect DNS queries, but it has catches.

If, you want it, here is a solution:

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Thanks for that.

No drama about the icon - I can easily live with that and just wanted to check.

I hadn't seen that thread on but I've posted a comment about DNS on it here:

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it would be great if tor-switch could be able to change proxy settings for jolla jabber and email client.