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Subversion is a concurrent version control system which enables one or more
users to collaborate in developing and maintaining a hierarchy of files
anddirectories while keeping a history of all changes.  Subversion only
stores the differences between versions, instead of every complete file.
Subversion also keeps a log of who, when, and why changes occurred.

As such it basically does the same thing CVS does (Concurrent Versioning
System) but has major enhancements compared to CVS and fixes a lot of
the annoyances that CVS users face.

*** Note: This is a relocatable package; it can be installed anywhere
you like with the "rpm -Uvh --prefix /your/favorite/path" command. This
is useful if you don't have root access on your machine but would like
to use this package.

Application versions: 
File subversion-1.8.8-0.armv7hl.rpm3.01 MB26/03/2014 - 00:56

- I need this ?


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Requires, but this requirement cannot be provided?

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Did you install using warehouse app (or did you enable my repo?) ?

libserf is on my repo (

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I installed subversion through warehouse so I could get nmap from you as well. After latest update to OpenSSL I noticed that nmap didn't work anymore so I tried reinstall subv. Now that I tried to get libserf from your repo as well, it claims "requires, but this req cannot be provided)". Some lib went missing after OpenSSL update or needs upgrading?

Edit: Sorry, noticed from your other comment that I need your OpenSSL version, got that and now it works!