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About IPTraf

IPTraf is a console-based network statistics utility for Linux. It gathers a variety of figures such as TCP connection packet and byte counts, interface statistics and activity indicators, TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns, and LAN station packet and byte counts.


  • An IP traffic monitor that shows information on the IP traffic passing over your network. Includes TCP flag information, packet and byte counts, ICMP details, OSPF packet types.
  • General and detailed interface statistics showing IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP and other IP packet counts, IP checksum errors, interface activity, packet size counts.
  • A TCP and UDP service monitor showing counts of incoming and outgoing packets for common TCP and UDP application ports
  • A LAN statistics module that discovers active hosts and shows statistics showing the data activity on them
  • TCP, UDP, and other protocol display filters, allowing you to view only traffic you're interested in.
  • Logging
  • Supports Ethernet, FDDI, ISDN, SLIP, PPP, and loopback interface types.
  • Utilizes the built-in raw socket interface of the Linux kernel, allowing it to be used over a wide range of supported network cards.
  • Full-screen, menu-driven operation.

Protocols Recognized

  • IP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • IGMP
  • IGP
  • IGRP
  • OSPF
  • ARP
  • RARP

Non-IP packets will simply be indicated as "Non-IP" and, on Ethernet LAN's, will be supplied with the appropriate Ethernet addresses.

Supported Interfaces

  • Local loopback
  • All Linux-supported Ethernet interfaces
  • All Linux-supported FDDI interfaces
  • SLIP
  • Asynchronous PPP
  • Synchronous PPP over ISDN
  • ISDN with Raw IP encapsulation
  • ISDN with Cisco HDLC encapsulation
  • Parallel Line IP

The information generated by IPTraf can be valuable in making network organization decisions, troubleshooting LANs and tracking activity of various IP hosts.

Application versions: 
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