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CameraPlus is an easy to use open camera application.

Cameraplus captures images, records videos, has nice post capture view and a bunch of other features.

Please use this thread for help and support:

NOTE: The application is in its early development stage and is not as perfect as it should be.




- Ported to Qt 5.2
- Change megapixels abbreviation in the settings page to MP instead of Mpx
- Get rid of the resolution classification (low, medium, high) in the settings pages
- use statefs to obtain battery information
- Show all supported camera resolutions in settings
- Cleaner UI for image timer and sequential modes
- Reworked mode button and mode selection:
- A click on the button will switch between image and video modes
- a button drag will show all available modes
- Slightly decrease the transition time between various modes
- Experimental support for pausing video recording
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a black viewfinder after maximizing the application.
- Make zooming via rocker keys a bit faster
- Switch video recording format to H264
- Fixed a memory leak when we change the resolution
- Initial Jolla tablet support
- Disable "use geotags" option instead of hiding it if using the GPS option is disabled
- Add an option to not use UTC for file naming
- Fixed typo in timer mode (Thanks marmistrz for spotting and reporting)
- Change zoom keys to volume keys in settings (Thanks marmistrz for spotting and reporting)
- Polish translation by Marcin Mielniczuk
- Fixes for various plural formats


RodSeq's picture

Crash while starting on JollaC with SFOS v2.2

eisen's picture

It doesn't start on Xperia X with OS

ashakunt's picture

Same here with me. Would appreciate if the developer can help fix this?

norayr's picture

looks like it does not work on sailfish 2.1. please update it. it is my main camera application. thank you.

how it does not work: it tries to load, but dies during that.

lpr's picture

on Jolla1- last message before exiting is: harbour-cameraplus: symbol lookup error: /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/ undefined symbol: eglGetCurrentDisplay

MSameer's picture

Here is an RPM that should work for now:

I will try to make a release after SFOS 2.1 is out.

geher's picture

SFOS 2.1 released. Release of cameraplus for SFOS 2.1 still planned, or in TMO was last version?

lpr's picture

This patched version is working with SFOS2.1. Thank you very much :)

MSameer's picture

I do not have access to 2.1 yet so unfortunately you will have to wait :(

SKD's picture

I tried installing the app via warehouse or by manually downloading the rpm but unfortunately it can't be installed. Do you have any advice on the issue? Do I need to have anything else installed in order to work?

pagis's picture

thanks for the update, on Jolla C ( as soon as it opens the app minimises

MSameer's picture

Unfortunately Jolla C is not yet supported :(

Brooks's picture

Just installed on jolla c, seems to work great!
Had to change video resolution down to 720, otherwise perfect so far.
Many thanks

DameCENO's picture

Just updated the app and it works flawlessly on

Great app, the best since N9

norayr's picture

also, for me raw files (you can use adobe dng, it's free format) are must have feature. must have.

norayr's picture

does not open since latest os upgrade. pity, it is much better than stock camera application.


what i miss, is possibility to shoot raws.

nkadithya31's picture

I just installed this application on my Jolla but it does not open just keeps crashing. 

Klipata's picture

same here :(

wiulinu's picture

great app, should be the standard camera-app

thx, good work 

hoodlum's picture

Updated Cameraplus for Uitukka release via MSameer: