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Reboots your device after you touch the icon.



Application versions: 
File harbour-reboot-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm35.72 KB30/12/2013 - 16:39


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Broken (Sfos 4.4)

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How about adding remorse-timer before reboot? That would be very "sailfishish" and prevent the user from rebooting accidently without adding an extra confirmation step.

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Hey, could you add the option to reboot just Alien Dalvik (Android)? Due to its frequent connectivity issues it is the main reason I need to reboot the whole device.

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Works great. Even better if it can shut down too. Anyways, thank you for one of the most useful apps.

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Would be cool if it would just open and alow users to choose reboot or shutdown, which should also be available on the cover.

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Nice app, but confirm dialog is wanted.

And what about use "systemctl reboot" and "systemctl poweroff" .. work on userlevel if only one user is loged. :)

Edit: lol, "reboot" and "poweroff" commands work under user .. lol ..

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thanks man!!! why you dont upload this application into jolla store???

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it's already uploaded there and in QA.

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I've downloaded this fle to my jolla, i see it in my transfer files but it does not install when I press it.

any help will be welcomed.


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You may use early version of cargo-dock filemanager, open file and pull install .. nice with info.

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You need to install this with pkcon install-local.

So lets say it was downloaded to your Downloads folder. Open terminal and enter this commands:

cd /home/nemo/Downloads    (Enter Key)
pkcon install-local harbour-reboot-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm         (Enter Key)

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pkcon work under user nemo .. no need devel-su

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true, have edited above. Too used to use zypper :D

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same for me .. :)