Gym Logbook

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Gym Logbook is a simple and small app that you can use to keep track of your workout routines and exercise progression.



Application versions: 
File gymlogbook-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm18.75 KB21/01/2015 - 00:42
File gymlogbook-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm21.53 KB05/02/2015 - 20:35

- Workout routines working, needs cleanup
- Exercises working, needs cleanup


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Please make it open source.

Are you still working on this app?

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I've had this on BitBucket from the start:

And no... I'm not working on this anymore. I noticed I like to use pencil and a notebook at the gym myself so there was no need for this anymore. Nice to know someone else is interested.

I committed all my changes to BitBucket, but I have no memory on what state I left it. That version might be broken.

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Hello, I've been using this app for a while and thought I'd give you some feedback :)



- Can't delete workout routines. They pop up again after I restart the app.

- Cant creat workout routines or exercises if they contain a hyphen.

- I have 4 days in my workout routine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) I added them in that order, but when I add excersices (in the same order) they get put in this order: Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday. I've tried adding them in other ways too, but with same result.

- Excersice name can overlap the the  Workout Day name.


Some changes/features I'd like to see:

- Simpler navigation. Espacially when editing stuff. It's alot of swiping and pulling now.

- More advanced sets. For example when I do deadlift, I am to take 15 reps on maximum 5 sets. So my reps may look like this:

5,5,5   3,3,3,3,3   4,6,5 (it has happend..)   etc

I Imagine it could be something like this:

- Create new set

- Enter number of sets - 4

- App creates 4 lines of reps

- In the exercise overview window, the app will give me the total reps (like it is now, if I put in 5+5+5 in reps), but when I enter/modify a sertain set I will get alle the different reps presented.


Other than this I am very happy with the app.

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Thanks for the feedback. The bugs you mentioned are definitely something I'm going to work on. They also seem like something I'm capable of solving myself.

The changes however... My plan was to have a lot simpler navigation with lot less pulling and swiping. Problem was, I just couldn't get it working so I built the functionality somehow I could. Any change you're familiar with QML? :)

I've also noticed that I still prefer notebook and pencil on planning my workouts. I use this program only to calculate Wendler progression and to keep record of my best sets. For that it's enough so I haven't had the motivation to make it better. 

That said, I appreciate your feedback and will try to make the changes. Do you have any ideas on how to cut down the swiping? What pages or features should be on the same page or should some features be implemented some way totally different? I also have a developement version from couple months back that has some changes to 0.3 already done. Seems that I've left it in a broken state...


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I'm not familiar with Heiaheia and I wouldn't want to register there just to know what's it about.

I have plans to add Export-features to recorded data, so that I can draw graphs of my progress. Would something like this be suitable for Heiaheia or does it require more integration?

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Looks good. You are probably not so keen on this idea but any chance that you could make this work with the API?