NationalRail UK

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Yet another train application, this is for the UK based rails. It uses NationalRails API for live timetables.



Add useful cover actions, e.g quick preview of stations.

I'd like to say thanks to coderus, lukedirtwalker, SfietKonstantinW, daitheflu and kimmoli. Also thanks to Markkyboy for the logo, it looks great.


Application versions: 
File harbour-nationalrail-0.1-5.armv7hl.rpm79.04 KB29/11/2015 - 17:20

- Updated API to new version


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I've forked this great application but I have some questions regarding the update of the API and a few other functions. 
Also, are you still maintaining this application?

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Thanks very much for the App. The only niggles are that the text starts and ends right at the edge of the screen and Platform numbers don't show for all departures. The lack of Platform numbers is particuarly on multi platform stations like East Croydon but may just be the lack of data rather than the App.

I live on a line where the train splits (Tattenham Corner) so it is interesting to see how the App deals with this.

Thanks again. Hope the cover can show progress of the journey I have selected.

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Hello, that could easily be solved with some padding. One thing I've noticed (I live in Leeds) is that on a sunday, the platform numbers don't show. But Monday-Saturday they work fine, its the lack of data. But there is no reason for this lack of data, so I may email the providers. 

Also what do you mean by train splits?

Am still torn on what to do for the cover page. Whether to have a favourite station timetable displaying, or a favourite journey.

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Thanks for adding the padding. To explain 'split'. My trains (Caterham and Tattenham Corner line) start as say a ten coach train from London and at Purley the front and back parts are separated / split. The front five carriages go to Caterham,  the rear five to Tattenham Corner

Journey details from London would either need to  show the timings to both destinations or show the entries for two separate trains ( which could be confusing). 

Hope this explains what I mean by split. 


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Ahhh I see, am not sure if I can do anything about that tbh. But I'll take a look soon :)

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Thank you very much. Its a very nice app. I agree with @Mariusmssj, and Is is possible to get journey time for each listed departure trains, as its possible to distinguish between slow and fast trains. 

Great Work,


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It technically would be, I'd have to just get the first calling point and the last calling point and work out the difference between the scheduled time. But that wouldn't be available on the live times screen. It'd have to be included in the Journey Details screen.

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Thank you, very useful :)

Also when you "star" a station from search list would it be possible to fill it, to indicate that it did work. As when I first clicked it I though it didn't work as the star still stayed hollow.

Apart that love it! Keep up the great work!

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Hello, tbh thats a bug that should of been fixed, I tested it on both my Jolla, Nexus 5 and the emulator and they all fill up.


edit: ahhh, I think I've uploaded the wrong rpm. Should be working fine now.