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cuteTube is a fully-featured client for YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo that allows you to browse, search, play, and download videos. You can also sign in to your accounts and access and manage your uploads, favourites, playlists and subscriptions. Event-feed integration is also included.

Application versions: 
File cutetube_1.9.2_armel.deb1.48 MB07/01/2014 - 23:03
File cutetube_1.9.3_armel.deb1.48 MB04/03/2014 - 04:00
File cutetube_1.9.4_armel.deb1.48 MB06/03/2014 - 19:31
File cutetube_1.9.5_armel.deb1.48 MB08/03/2014 - 02:55
File cutetube_1.9.6_armel.deb1.49 MB13/03/2014 - 05:49
File cutetube_1.9.7_armel.deb1.49 MB16/03/2014 - 00:23
File cutetube_1.10.1_armel.deb1.54 MB04/06/2014 - 00:21
File cutetube_1.10.3_armel.deb1.55 MB08/07/2014 - 19:57
File cutetube_1.10.4_armel.deb1.55 MB03/08/2014 - 00:07
File cutetube_1.10.5_armel.deb1.55 MB12/08/2014 - 00:03
File cutetube_1.10.6_armel.deb1.55 MB17/11/2014 - 02:48
File cutetube_1.10.8_armel.deb1.55 MB27/11/2014 - 14:46
File cutetube_1.10.9_armel.deb1.55 MB29/01/2015 - 19:31
File cutetube_1.10.10_armel.deb1.55 MB31/01/2015 - 22:49

cutetube (1.10.10) unstable; urgency=low
* Fix error in decrypting video signatures.


lobito860's picture

Para cuando una nueva version? Esta ya no me permite ver diveos de youtube!!! Que paso??

vladimir912's picture

YouTube "отвалился" :-(.

joruss's picture

I don't watch many youtube videos but I'd love this app to replace (not updated for ages and buggy at times) openvideoplayer, but even if I place video files in the right place they aren't shown in the "Archive" section.

Would you be so kind and took this into consideration?

Alexxxlrus's picture

The best youtube client!!

are there any plans to make translations into other languages?

Sani347's picture

Cute tube is a amzing app .and all your app is a wonder are a great person.and great your work .plzz made a new apps .any vpn use on n9 help me youtube is band in my countery .plzz help us in this app youtube work on cute tube

fangorn's picture

Recently I get the following message when watching video and downloading: "Unable to retrieve video. Access may be restricted". I think APIs was changed. I know all projects about MeeGo over but if you can fix it it will be nice because this is a wonderful app. Thank you. and ss:


Anthony65's picture

cool app

thanks for update

TMavica's picture

when will it available in Jolla? Musikloud too..I missed them

danpio's picture

Revelation !! Vimeo work - lovly video client :):)

fos4's picture

Thanks a lot for this app. I bought it from ovi store, thanks for continuation of support.

disneypious151's picture

thanks marxian plz keepon updating we love you developers...

Ancelad's picture

Hello. I can't disable 140p-option, is it possible?

marxian's picture

You cannot disable 140p, as it's the lowest quality available, so it needs to be enabled as a fallback. However, enabling any of the higher quality formats will mean that 140p will never actually be used. cuteTube checks for all enabled formats (starting with the highest quality) when you play/download a video.

mr_torture's picture

Everything you need from an YouTube client app. This one gives N9 a new breath of life really. Keep up with great work.

disneypious151's picture

It is to have all n9 users know about this great website...

alejo0471's picture

exelente trabajo, funciona muy bien, muchas gracias.

unit247's picture

Good to see you on OpenRepos :)
I used your application since the the first version from N900.

Question: Will you port it to Jolla?

marxian's picture

Thanks. Yes, I am planning to release cuteTube for Sailfish. I have already done most of the necessary work.

bennypr0fane's picture

Sorry to bother you, but are you still planning on doing a Sailfish port? Two Youtube apps available so far can't measure up to CuteTube...

pseudoscion's picture

Still no answer as to if/when CuteTube coming to Jolla. :-(

Is it still planned?

tom_jan's picture

The update of the version installed from Ovi Store went smoothly. The application works just fine... Great work!

marxian's picture

Thanks. I'm glad to hear the update is working. :) I will continue to support Harmattan in future.