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cuteRadio is a user-friendly internet radio player and client for the cuteRadio REST API.

Features include:

    * Search stations and browse by genre, country and language.
    * Access recently played stations.
    * Add stations to your favourites.
    * Create new stations or copy existing stations to your stations and edit them.
    * Sleep timer.

Access to the cuteRadio REST API requires a cuteRadio account. To create an account, simply choose a username and password and sign in using the 'Account' dialog. No personal information is required.

cuteRadio is licensed under GPL v3. The source code is available at GitHub.

Application versions: 
cuteradio_0.3.0_armel.deb256.79 KB
cuteradio_0.3.3_armel.deb257.45 KB

cuteradio (0.3.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Improve retrieval of stream URLs from playlists.
* Re-fetch the stream URL from playlists when resuming playback to avoid errors due to URL changes.


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It doesn't work =(

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YOur all apps wonderfull .i like ur apps .this app some station not work fix this .meego top apps only your apps thnks 4 work