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This replaces cutespotify. Sorry for the inconveniences this renaming might have brought you.


The Application has been renamed, thus you will lose all your offline music, and have to reload everything.

It is recommended that you uninstall the old application and delete the following directory: "/home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-cutespotify" to free the previously used space


CuteSpot makes it possible to listen to your Spotify songs on Sailfish. It supports both online and offline playback.

A Spotify Premium subscription is required to make use of this application

A huge thanks to the initial developers and to Elleo who ported this app to Sailfish initially.

Please be aware that this version only works with Sailfish version >= 1.0.8.*

(If you are on Sailfish version <=1.0.7.* use Elleo's version: )


Find the sources here:

I'm happy about donations find the link in the about section of the app.


Note about versioning:

Starting from 1.5.2-*: Release 0 is always the harbour version, Release > 0 is always non-harbour compliant version. The harbour version is a limited version with all *.harbour.patch patches applied. This is due to API limitations in harbour.

Application versions: 
File harbour-cutespot-1.5.6-3.armv7hl.rpm741.38 KB24/06/2015 - 20:29
File harbour-cutespot-1.5.7-1.armv7hl.rpm792.59 KB02/09/2015 - 21:54
File harbour-cutespot-1.5.8-0.armv7hl.rpm743.34 KB22/03/2018 - 17:51

Changes in version 1.3.0-11:

  • Icon avoids aliasing issue on launcher
  • Adds support for playlist folders
  • Adds support for searching for playlists (this still needs a little polish, loading large playlists can make the UI briefly sluggish)
  • Fixes audio cut off at end of songs (might not be perfect, but should be a lot better).

Changes in version 1.3.0-12

  • Fixes detection of WLAN vs 2G/3G connection
  • Adds an option to clear the cache and offline storage when logged out (accessible via a pull down menu on the login page)
  • Adds shuffle and repeat switches to a push up menu underneath the small player view.

Changes in version 1.3.0-13

  • Fixes dependencies (these were broken in -12, causing new users to have silent playback)

Changes in version 1.3.0-14

  • Fixes settings path for Sailfish

Changes in version 1.3.0-15

  • Adds support for scrobbling to (this can be enabled from the settings page).

Changes in version 1.3.0-16

  • Removes donation buttons
  • Adds sanity checks on cache path prior to deletion

Changes in version 1.4.0-1

  • Fix playback for Sailfish version >= 1.0.8.*

Changes in version 1.4.0-2

  • Fix crash when connection changes

Changes in version 1.5.0-0

  • Redesign the whole UI
  • FullPlayer view, with limited Queue functionality
  • Normalize Volume Setting
  • Offline Mode
  • Fixes:
    • Login Page is no more shown when connection changes.
    • Fix crash on logout
    • Fix crash on exit
    • Use different approach for cleaning cache (hopefully shouldn't mess with your device)
  • Known issues:

Changes in version  1.5.1-0

  • Reduce memory usage while playing tracks
  • When searching for a track which is playing it is properly shown now
  • Fix inbox and starred list order
  • Fix Searchfilter such clicking plays the correct track

Changes in version 1.5.1-3

  • Fix crash introduced by 1.5.1-0
  • Fix FullControls on tablets

Changes in version 1.5.2-1

  • Bluetooth control support (thanks to junnuvi)
  • Landscape support (thanks to junnuvi)
  • Private session mode (drops after some time) (thanks to dhedberg)
  • Improved playing of continuous playlists (thanks to dhedberg)
  • Fix for startup crash (thanks to nwik)
  • Reduced rpm size
  • Basic MPRIS support

Changes in version 1.5.2-2

  • Require pulseaudio-plugin such that playing works also on new Jollas

Changes in version 1.5.3-1

  • Fix startup crash
  • Rename app to CuteSpot, you need to redownload all your music. Please manually uninstall the old app, and delete the data (/home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-cutespotify)

Changes in version 1.5.3-2

  • Fix possible crash. (Assertion in listmodel)

Changes in version 1.5.4-1

  • Enable context menus for tracks, albums, and playlists
  • Add a remorse timer for switching offline mode
  • Re-enable artist browsing

Changes in version 1.5.5-1

  • New album & artist headers
  • Make it possible to add songs to playlists in folders (fixes #21)

Changes in version 1.5.6-1

  • Focus Search field (thx icewind1991)
  • Add showOfflineSwitch setting
  • Don't stop playing on network changes (DATA CHARGES APPLY!)

Changes in version 1.5.6-3

  • Fix crash when removing playlists

Changes in version 1.5.7-1

  • Adapt UI for better scaling and upcoming Sailfish version
  • Add SD-card setting
  • Initial implementation of a play queue (still has some issues)

Changes in version 1.5.8-0:

  • Improved MPRIS handling (thanks to abranson)
  • Fix crash in search
  • Initial URI handling support (for tracks only)
  • Remove bluetooth code that made the app non-working (openrepos version)


articice's picture

Works for 'Top' tracks as remote controller, if you have Spotify running (like Android one on the same Sailfish device).

axolotl's picture

Hutspot doesn't work -- cannot login. Worse: cannot comment on Hutspot.

ezameht's picture

Use Hutspot. Available on openrepos. Works great.

melvin's picture

Hey guys, just for your information: This app doesn't work anymore because spotify closed it's API "libspotify" which should've actually stopped working in 2016 but somehow spotify still supported requests. Since end of 2018 they are slowly fully quitting the support - that's why it doesn't work anymore. Currently the only possibility would be using the web API/SDK but this wouldn't support downloading and other features - so please don't blame the developer and wait until Spotify releases a "real" alternative API. If you still want to hear music legally, I suggest you using a spotify youtube playlist downloader like and a music client for your Jolla.

BonoNL's picture
t0t3u's picture

Same here. Playlists are not loaded. Only top hits and search option which does not return any result.

luxbrux's picture

Unfortunately does not work anymore, just search songs works. ..

Alex's picture

Hey @lukedirtwalker,

as already mentioned in the Jolla store comments, all the playlists has vanished and the sync is not working anymore since a few days.

Is there a way to manually start the syncing?

I would really appreciate a fix for this.

smatkovi's picture

This is really the best, it even supports the headset button not only for pause and play, but with the pythonscript from jolla forums also skip and previous song

hetas's picture

1.5.8 made cutespot very sluggish for me with high cpu usage. I had to revert back to 1.5.7-1 which is working fine. Using SailfishX Great app, though. Edit. Well, 1.5.7-1 does not work. I was sure it was working before but maybe not then.

Olsen's picture

Since my upgrade from the harbour version (1.5.7) to the openrepos version (1.5.8-0), CuteSpot isn't working any more. It seems to fail to load a Spotify-generated playlist (~ 'your mix of the week'); it shows "Loading..." for this playlist. All other playlists are shown, but faded out and non functional; most likely because this one missing playlist.

I can access the pulley menu and select search, but it does not find anything. I guess CuteSpot is still waiting for the pending playlist and cannot perform the search therefore.

cizi's picture

Works quite well. Many thanks! Only issues I have is that I don't see all my favorite playlists names and actually don't know how to add whole new playlist to my favorite..

ahjolinna's picture

Sad to see the “Bluetooth control support" being dropped (I think) in this latest update as I use Sony SBH-52 handset daily to listen to spotify (on sailfishX). This had been working for me on the store version, but after I updated to 1.5.8 and then downgraded back to the store version it stopped working...for some reason.

borghal's picture

Thanks a million for the update! Works fine on SailfishX ☺

Sanpo's picture

One of the best apps for SailfishOs. Thanks! And works fine on my Sailfish X too.

Caballlero's picture


borghal's picture

Same here, no sound on Xperia 2.1.4 EA. Could you please update?

calimarno's picture

Harbour version works great, but openrepos version does not produce any sound (it seems it is happening for several people). Sailfish X on Sony Xperia X.

I'd love to get the bluetooth control working :)

matl's picture

Are there any plans for an updated version? Syncing is getting worst from time to time :(

dizzi90's picture

Add to playlist -> New Playlist would be better as the top option rather than the bottom, so you don't have to scroll past all playlists.

florifreeman's picture

Any chance of an update? mopidy runs perfect using the spotify api on my raspberry pi!

tex's picture

I'm on Jolla C and this version works visually but won't produce audio to headphones nor internal speaker ln Sailfish versions Jolla store version works.

miqu's picture

Same here on Jolla 1 with Music seems to play but no sound comes out.

lukedirtwalker's picture

Hi vige, please see the progress here:

vige's picture

So the current situation with Jolla 1: openrepos versio does not work (always stops at 0:01). Store version works, but does not have bluetooth controls. Is there going to be a fix for this?

kaari's picture

Don't work on EA Starts, but wont play music. Also volume rocker controls system sounds. I tried cutespotify, which showed to play songs, but without sound. Volume rocker also controls music.

lukedirtwalker's picture

Hi @kaari, Can you explain what device you are using and how you try to listen to the music (headphones, loudspeaker, bluetooth speaker) ? On my Jolla C using the in-built loudspeaker works fine.

Can you try if the version from the Jolla Store works better?



Mohjive's picture

I have the same issue, using Jolla 1 and the openrepos version. The song plays, but no output is produced. If I have a headset attached or if using bluetooth output the volume rocker only changes ringtone volume instead of media volume, even when cutespot is at the top and a track is playing. Switching to the harbour version works, but then the controls on my bluetooth headset doesn't. Switching back to the openrepos version again still produces no output.

Also see comment on t.m.o

kaari's picture

Hi, installed Jolla Store version, and it's working. Using Jolla1. Thank you so much!

tth123's picture

Same for me. Great software! Controls work with my Pebble and in my car! :)

EDIT: Correction: The controls of my car radio do not work. Pebble does. Perhaps this is related to the update of bluez in Jolla?