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The Alliance for Open Media’s focus is to deliver a next-generation
video format that is:

- Interoperable and open;
- Optimized for the Internet;
- Scalable to any modern device at any bandwidth;
- Designed with a low computational footprint and optimized for hardware;
- Capable of consistent, highest-quality, real-time video delivery; and
- Flexible for both commercial and non-commercial content, including
user-generated content.

This package contains the reference encoder and decoder.

sha256sum filename:
35be65f53fb6486747c0a495cef42d622b2b55b66c0459d6ddb128c2ad2a7d89 aom-tools-3.1.1-0.armv7hl.rpm

Application versions: 
File aom-tools-2.0.0-0.armv7hl.rpm473.16 KB22/05/2020 - 16:28
File aom-tools-2.0.1-0.armv7hl.rpm473.17 KB26/11/2020 - 20:12
File aom-tools-3.0.0-0.armv7hl.rpm563.32 KB24/03/2021 - 04:05
File aom-tools-3.1.0-0.armv7hl.rpm578.98 KB04/05/2021 - 18:12
File aom-tools-3.1.1-0.armv7hl.rpm579.01 KB11/06/2021 - 01:51

Release v3.1.1 Celestia

2021-06-08 v3.1.1
This release includes several bug fixes.

- Bug fixes:
Issue 2965: Cherry-picked the following four commits for the
tune=butteraugli mode.
1. Add libjxl to pkg_config if enabled:
2. Declare set_mb_butteraugli_rdmult_scaling static:
3. Add color range detection in tune=butteraugli mode:
4. Enable tune=butteraugli in all-intra mode:

Issue 3021: Fix vmaf model initialization error when not set to

Issue 3050: Compilation fails with -DCONFIG_TUNE_VMAF=1

Issue 3054: Consistent crash on near-static screen content, keyframe