GStreamer 1.10.5 DEV

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Gstreamer is used as multimedia engine in SailfishOS.

ABANDONED!!! This package is no longer supported for newer SailfishOS Versions (e.g. 3.3 upwards)

Warning: These packages will change the gstreamer component of your system. It could be that it isn't 100% compatible with every third party or system application. Only install if you know how to restore to the original packages.

You need to install the original packages in order to upgrade to a new SailfishOS release.

You can do so by downloading the jolla original gstreamer packages by executing

devel-su pkcon refresh && pkcon download . gstreamer1.0

This is a development version of GStreamer with a patched default buffering configuration to ease stuttering for streams.

You can find the modiefied source code here:





- Revert buffer size changes (no more waiting 11 seconds for buffer to fill)

- Just deactivate max-size-time