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An easy to use audio & video encoder based on ffmpeg. 

Encode allows you to convert audio & video files to many different formats supporting different codecs. 
It is also possible to extract audio or video from a clip. 

Supported Containers:

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MKV
  • OGV
  • WEBM
  • MPEG
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • opus
  • m4a

Supported Codecs:

  • FFV1
  • h263
  • huffyuv
  • libtheora
  • libvpx
  • libxvid
  • mjpeg
  • mpeg1video
  • mpeg2video
  • mpeg4
  • msmpeg4
  • wmv2
  • ac3
  • alac
  • dca
  • eac3
  • flac
  • libfaac
  • libmp3lame
  • lipopus
  • libvorbis
  • mp2
  • pcm_s16le
  • wmav2

Encode allows setting of bitrate, resolution and aspectratio for video aswell as bitrate,channels,samplerate and language channel for audio.

NOTICE: Encoding might take a while on a mobile device and eat up battery life. 

Tip: In order to extract audio from a video without reencoding choose a audio only container format and as codec copy. (it will actually not reencode but simply copy the audio part of the video file to the new container)

Encode is licensed as BSD (3-clause) and you can find its sourcecode here: https://github.com/llelectronics/3ncode/tree/sailfish_app

The package comes with a static compiled ffmpeg version which is licensed under the GPLv3

Application versions: 
harbour-encode-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm5.1 MB25/03/2016 - 23:26
harbour-encode-1.0-1.i486.rpm9.84 MB25/03/2016 - 23:30
harbour-encode-1.1-1.i486.rpm9.84 MB11/05/2017 - 17:20
harbour-encode-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm5.11 MB11/05/2017 - 17:20
  • Updated OpenDialog FileManager
  • Added Icon Support for FM
  • Added Mimetype Support for FM
  • Added Remove ContextMenu for FM
  • Added path to headerTitle description
  • Use FM inside FM instead of dot and dotdot dirs to navigate
  • Added option to remove directories recursively
  • Added cut, copy and paste functionality to OpenDialog
  • Added infobanner (for error reporting of OpenDialog)
  • Always show details label for folders
  • Added some more translatable text in OpenDialog
  • Updated german translation


objectifnul's picture

Exactly the kind of app that makes SailfishOS unique. Thanks!

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Definitely not...

But great to have a native alternative!