Gstreamer 1.x ugly codecs (1.4.5)

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The gstreamer 1.x (1.4.5) ugly codecs. Works with SFOS 2.0. Release 1
Will require a52dec library as well.

SPEC file:

Name: gst-plugins-ugly
Version: 1.4.5
Release: 1
Summary: Gstreamer ugly codecs

License: GPLv2

#BuildRoot:    %(mktemp -ud %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-XXXXXX)
BuildRequires: a52dec-devel
Requires: a52dec

Gstreamer ugly codecs.

%setup -q
./configure --prefix=/usr \
    --enable-shared \
    --disable-static \
    --with-package-name="GStreamer 1.x Ugly Plugins (Openrepos)" \


# Remove unneded stuff
rm -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share
rm -r $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/*.la






Application versions: 
File gst-plugins-ugly-1.4.5-1.armv7hl.rpm399.13 KB29/09/2015 - 12:04
File gst-plugins-ugly-1.4.5-1.i586.rpm385.43 KB01/03/2016 - 22:22

Version 1: First build.

2016-03-01: Added i586 version of ugly plugins  (thanks to Andrew Branson for safekeeping it!).



eatdirt's picture

Hi there,

thanks a lot for this app. Any chance you could do the same job for all the other codecs of sailfish_lib et al. that were working great but for gstreamer 0.1x only?

Still missing dts decoder and other ffmpeg videos encoder to be free again :)


Larswad's picture

Now the gstreamer "bad" codecs are available in version 1.4.5. Check here please:


Larswad's picture

yes, I'd be glad to give it a try. Could you point me to the specific codecs compiled by sailfish_lib?
I need to check that since i'd need to know what original sources his work was based on.

abranson's picture

Any chance of a i486 version for the tablet please??

Larswad's picture

I have som rpm's built for tablet, would you be able to test this?

I don't have the tablet myself.

I can send you the RPM's if you're willing to test.

Alex's picture

Hey @Larswad, I would also like to try and use the codecs on my Jolla Tablet, could you pls point me to a download link or where to get them? :)

Larswad's picture

Codec are uploaded for i586 now. Please check!

Also added all other relevant codecs for various formats. Check my other libraries here at openrepos.


(Again, thanks to Andrew Branson for safekeeping the codec pack as I seemed to have destroyed the i586 version as I upgrade the VM).

When I get the time I'll look into the rebuilding of the whole thing, so that the spec file can be put up here.



Alex's picture

Thank you very much @Larswad for taking the time.
Now I am able to hear the sound on my .mkv-Videos. :)

Larswad's picture

Hi Alex!

I will try to fix this for you, even if I gave up on the jolla franchise a few months ago, I felt they didn't answer to their community.

However, I think I need to check my SDK virtual machine and see what packages I left there. I know I built it for the 586 architecture as well. I then upgrade the SDK, so it just might be gone. But I'll check.

It if'ts gone I may give it some time to rebuild it and then upload it here on openrepois for good, I seem to have forgotten that for the 586.

I'll let you know.


hemiwi's picture

Could i try out the codec too?

Just installed a test version of LLS Player for the tablet and would like to try if the codecs match together. Thx very much for any reply and greetings to S from FIN

hemiwi's picture

Thx for the codecs. They work perfectly fine with the files i have tested (AC3, DTS, DD5.1) some as opus i still have to test. Installation of the gstreamer bad worked when i restarted the tabelt after installing the gstreamer codec. Great great job and thank you a million times.

I can only hope for everybody that they receive their tablet. Thanks to you and llelectronic i can watch now any movie/series from the tablet and from the sdcard. Now at least for me the tablet is usable everyday aswell as on the road. !!!!

Larswad's picture

Glad to hear hemiwi that it worked and that I could make someone happy.

Then I will put them up here on openrepos for everyone to install, if warehouse works on the tablet.

Sad thing is, I will have to redo the whole job (it was quite a pain actually to find the right source codes for all dependencies), because yesterday I upgraded the Sailfish SDK, and what it did was completely replace the SDK virtualbox where all the stuff was :-(. But I'll do it anyway.

BTW, yes indeed I hope everyone will get the tablet and that Jolla will manage to get themselves out of this crisis, to be honest I think they will.


eatdirt's picture

Thanks a lot for DTS et al., that works!


Larswad's picture

Glad to help out.
But I get a feeling that I have missed a few other codecs that may be of interest as well for working with gstreamer 1.4.5.
Maybe I need to build and upload a few others as well. I'll check when I get the time.

abranson's picture


A few more tablets are getting delivered now, and people want those codecs! Could you upload them here? If not, I still have the archive you sent me, so I could do it.

Larswad's picture

Thanks abranson, it would be great if you could post it back to me. Then I can upload them here.
I checked my VM yesterday, its gone. But I can rebuild everything of course.

abranson's picture

No problem! Email is sometimes the best last resort backup solution! I really must figure out how to build this basic stuff. Do you do it in the emulator itself?

abranson's picture

Yes please!

Larswad's picture

I guess it would be just as simple, if i download the sdk.
I don't have the tablet and I won't order it.
I'll look into it once I get sone time.

alina's picture

It is installed but nothing changed (without ac3dec).

How to get that ac3dec library? I can't find it.

Larswad's picture

I was wrong in my haste: It is called a52dec - you can find it here at openrepos.

Please try that!

BTW, unless you already have, uninstall the old 0.1x version of the ugly codec pack.


alina's picture

I had a52dec. It was installed when I installed Ultimate Codec Pack for gstreamer 0.x.

Larswad's picture

Yes it was the same for me. But I had to install the devel package of a52dec as well in order the plugins.
I actually built the whole thing on the phone. The beauty of a straight up linux device.

But are you saying it still doesn't work?

AGA's picture

It works!

Thanks :)