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Experimental FM Radio receiver application for OnePlusX (and maybe others with qualcomm IRIS FM Receiver)

Please note that OnePlusX requires Alpha-3 release to support radio.

Known issues features:

  • For now audio is routed only to headphones as they are needed as antenna.
  • Mute does not work properly.
  • Reconnecting headphones does not always restore radio. workaround: restart app.
  • If application dies on start or shows 0.00 MHz, just restart. Or make sure your device fullfils above mentioned requirements.
  • If another restart fails, try  "killall harbour-piratefm"


Status: Propably even more buggy




Application versions: 
File harbour-piratefm-0.0.4-6.1.armv7hl.rpm18.61 KB16/04/2016 - 23:44



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I managed to get it to work on a fairphone 2 , running!

it produces this message in the terminal:

library "/vendor/lib/egl/libGLESv2S3D_adreno.so" not found

But it started after some time, and I was able to define some favourites. The Mute button just switches of one channel, so that only one side of my headphone works ;-)

Thanks for the app!

PS Well, it looks like it is not very stable: it only starts every now and then... Terminal shows

[C] unknown:0 - Failed to set control (id: 134217741)
[C] unknown:0 - Failed to get tuner (id: 22)[C] unknown:0 - Failed to set control (id: 134217743)
[C] unknown:0 - Failed to set control (id: 134217735)
[C] unknown:0 - Failed to set control (id: 134217748)
[C] unknown:0 - Failed to set control (id: 134217746)


The only reliable way to use PirateFM for me is to start it in the terminal with


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Thanks for the app.

Although I knew it was not made for this device, I tried in on Xperie XA2. Sadly it does not work.

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support sony xa2?

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Sailfish OS for Sony XA2 leaks radio FM support. As a daily user of radio FM services, I have open this thread on #Jolla together. If you are a radio fm user and you have a Sony Xperia XA2 too, please enter, comment & vote: https://together.jolla.com/question/211927/any-chance-of-getting-the-radio-fm-working-on-sailfish-x-for-sony-xa2/

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Works on a Jolla C.

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There is something wrong with pulseaudio configs/paths (maybe). Not yet had time to figure out what or where.

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Ok. Thank you again for your efforts :) Do you think i'd be posible to have a stable radio fm app on the OnePlus X? I would love to have fm transmisions on the phone. Another great feature on our beloved smartphone :D

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Thank you very much for this great piece of software to manage Radio FM in the Sailfish OnePlus X version. Just curious. I'm at the sailfishos-onyx-release-

Radio works because it founds signal, but not audio through headphones. Can you help me please? I can help you in the development testing :D