boston qmap fix

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This package contains boston.qmap to add AltGr key.

Reboot your phone or restart lipstick after installation.

Application versions: 
File boston-qmap-altgr-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.06 KB29/09/2015 - 10:41


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kimmoli (thank you, tohkbd2 is working again) has updated the FAQ at TJC: UPDATE! Fixed boston.qmap is in SFOS update from You'll need remove that OR package and re-install sbj-configs. For still unknown reason, OR package blocks it from updating the file, and reverts it to the older version.

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Perfect. Now all symbols work as expected on qwertz layout TOHKBD2, except 1 key. The £ symbol located at d is a ³ with y mapping

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Thanks Kimmo! Much awaited and appreciated. Works perfectly well with my Logitech K480. Just waiting for the tablet now!  :)