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If you do not need a virtual keyboard, then it is recommended to use Havoc due to Fingerterm, Toeterm and Literm all having redraw issues in some CLI apps. If you still need one of those, see the corresponding section below. Use tmux to combine cava with cmus.

cava stands for Console-based Audio Visualizer for ALSA. It also supports audio input from Pulseaudio, fifo (mpd), sndio, squeezelite and portaudio.

By default, this cava package might pick ambient sound from your microphone instead of the speakers, which can be changed in the configuration file in ~/.config/cava/config.

# Usage

$ cava

# Partial fix for Fingerterm, Toeterm and Literm
With their default TERM value, those terminals related to Fingerterm cannot properly redraw lines in some CLI tools.

Solution 1 (recommended): use tmux in those terminals and launch cmus in the tmux session. You can set up an alias if necessary.

Solution 2: If tmux is not an option for you, then you'll have to set TERM to xterm-color to fix some of these issues, but manually setting TERM can break other unanticipated things. To change TERM only when you run cava and reset it to default when the terminal is restarted, set a new cava-fingerterm alias to use in those Fingerterm-related terminals until they are fixed. To create the alias, run this (only once):

echo "alias cava-fingerterm='TERM=xterm-color && cava'" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

Make sure you didn't have any other alias for cava in your ~/.bashrc. You can now run the command cava-fingerterm in any of those terminals (prefer Toeterm for better better appearance). In any other terminal, just use the normal cava command.

# Disclaimer
I am not the developer of cava, I just packaged it for SFOS. cava is being actively developed by Karl Stavestrand, but that does not include the SFOS package, which may or may not be updated in the future.

Application versions: 
File cava-0.6.1-1.armv7hl.rpm349.14 KB26/05/2020 - 15:17

- First SFOS package based on the 0.6.1 release.