Heebo (aarch64)

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Just a compiled package for aarch64 of source code of Heebo (available in Jolla store). Source code is available at https://github.com/kimmoli/heebo.

This package will be removed when the author of the app release an official aarch64 package.


Sailfish native version of classic N9 game Heebo is here!

Heebo is an adaptation of the classic Match-3 genre puzzle game.

Align the quirky Heebos into lines of three or more to turn the background into golden tiles.

When all the background tiles are changed you win the level!

Simple but highly addictive!

Now timed game, penalty mode, 25 new levels!


Application versions: 
File harbour-heebo-0.3.0-0.aarch64.rpm602.69 KB24/05/2021 - 23:46



mz_i_norge's picture

The GAME is nice, but why does a Game need permission to:

  • Audio
  • Filesystem
  • Bluetooth 
  • Web
  • Camera 
  • Mediaindex
  • Microphone 
  • NFC
  • Location 
  • Sd-card

...if this not is a SPY-Game???

silta's picture

Heebo is back on my phone. Thank you so much!