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SuperEpicMegaHero is a game about a hero looking for adventures, fighting spaceships, exploring planets...
Some levels are rpg style, you will need to win some fights, find hidden objects to keep going, other levels are like classic games like whack a mole, .... One of the levels has a funny story about a burning plataform in the midle of the ocean 

The graphs are damn cool  must of them were made by my 10 year old kid 

It's a wip, not even a alpha yet, but I decided to post it now and keep the development in the wild, all kind of feedback is welcome, since it's the first game I'm releasing.

Feedback I would like: if you find the level01 hard, easy or good ,..., in level 3 or 10, if the commandwheel works nice to make the hero move and jump. Also If some one could test it in a sailfish tablet, I would like to know if the size of objects / persons are ok and if the sensors in level01 make the spaceship move. Any other type of feedback is welcome. Let me just say again that it's a wip, so some levels are incomplete, and some features maybe broken. 

Screen shots were:

Site with youtube trailler video:




Added a new alpha2 versions.

SuperEpicMegaHero now has a website home :)

Any type of feedback is welcome. Enjoy playing!!!


Application versions: 

-Command wheel was completly revamped, much easier to use now imho.

-level 3 and 10 are almost done now

-new level 9

- many bug fixes (and possible new ones :)


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Ugliest Icon Ever

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Great job, fun and nice game. The space cows trend owned me hahaha.