Panduranga Ambience - Animated

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Requires Animate Ambience patch to work:

Pixel art ambience with minimalistic water fall animations. Wallpaper only supports portrait mode. Designed for Jolla phone's 540x960-resolution.

Original author of wallpaper is Socnau in DeviantArt, edited by me.


Application versions: 
File ambience-panduranga-0.1-2.armv7hl.rpm593.07 KB14/06/2016 - 16:56



ferlanero's picture

Really looks great on Sailfish OS! :) Thanks a lot!

Markkyboy's picture

Ah, so you got permission from author, cool! :)

Good start man, I'm pleased to see someone has taken an interest. I realise it's not such a popular idea after all.

By the way, not meanng to nit-pick, but you seem a bit confused on the spelling of 'ambience';
"ambiEnce not ambiAnce".

And, now I know what 'pixel art' looks like! :)

Ingvix's picture

Thanks. Might not be too popular but it's good to have all possibilities available.

I tend to do that typo from time to time if I'm not focusing on typing but now it's all corrected.