Retro Ambience Theme with new sounds

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Retro ambience using Creative Commons Public Licenses

I used this template but put all  sounds  directly to /usr/share/sounds/jolla-ringtones/stereo

I was not able to automatically set the  ringtones, i dont now why. Therefore, i put them into jolla-ringtones/stereo at which the sound are selectable in the settings menu.

You have to reboot your Jolla and set manually the ringtones. The new sounds are available in settings.


In this version, the sounds cannot set individually for this ambiance. You have to change the systems setting. Does anyone know how to generate a proper ambience file with indiviually set sounds? Please help. By the why, it is ok to use mp3 instead of wav?

Credits to
*Tim G. Photography
*acclivity, cydon, joedeshon, wavecutter, hykenfreak,inequation



Application versions: 
File ambience-retro-0.0.7-1.armv7hl.rpm10.49 MB11/03/2014 - 23:04


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Own Ambience sounds are stored in dir "sounds" in Ambience folder.

Jolla Ambience control and use is TOTALY WRONG!

In system stored Ambiences are config-less .. user have not right to modify it.

Jolla !must! change workflow with Ambience! Favorited Ambience need to be copied to user space (eg. ~/.local or ~/.config) from sytem or SDcard space. For modify and accessible even if SDcard is removed.