QAD Cleaner Free Edition

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QAD Cleaner is an application cache cleaner for N9/N950.

- Check how much space ~/.cache and ~/.grob/cache are consuming
- Clear cache folders

Free Edition with a little advertisement in the bottom af the screen.

Original author: JP Piiroinen

Application versions: 
File qadcleanerfree_0.0.3_armel.deb57.17 KB16/01/2015 - 16:08

qadcleanerfree (0.0.3) unstable; urgency=low * Initial Release.


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This is paid application from ovi store
You cannot post it here, unless you have a direct permission from the author.

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Dear basil,

This  version is the free edition not the paid app in ovi store. If you install it, you will see it.

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I see, my mistake. You can reupload the deb.

But it makes little sense for reuploading same packages(same versions) as available at ovi store, while it is still working. It would be better to contact developer of your favorite apps, and ask for permission, or newer versions(if available) and upload them when permission is granted.

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Ok. I'll contact with the developers soon. And if they allow, I re-upload the other .deb-s (or newer versions)