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Inception gives you deep control of your Nokia N9.

The Nokia N9 is an amazing piece of hardware running an amazing mobile OS. However, advanced users have often been frustrated by its sometimes-limiting Aegis security system. Aegis, like many other security frameworks, blocks many legitimate tasks beyond truly dangerous activity, and makes it difficult to customize your N9 to run on your terms.

This problem is one of the past: INCEPTION allows you to resume direct control and liberate your Nokia N9's full potential.


  • Easy. Allows you to open up your N9 in less than five minutes, with no need for a PC.
  • Safe. Makes no major changes to your N9 on its own - it merely unlocks the door so that you can use your own discretion. INCEPTION can be uninstalled at any time with no side effects.
  • Effective. With INCEPTION, the only limits on what you can do with your N9 are your own. Turns the N9 into what could be the most powerful and open handheld device on the market.

INCEPTION doesn't disable or remove Aegis by itself - it merely puts you in the driver's seat. The install page provides comprehensive information on capabilities, risks, and instructions for getting started.

after install reboot device.and open terminal inter:

devel-su -c /usr/sbin/pasiv



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Application versions: 
File inception_0.2.5_armel.deb26.04 KB30/06/2016 - 02:52

inception (0.2.5) unstable; urgency=low * Added secondary exploit vector for compatibility with PR1.0 and PR1.1. * Moved hardening compiler flags into makefile. * Removed build dependency on 'hardening-includes'.