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The application will show a system notification. It could be used in scripts. When you only set one of summary or body text, then it will show a black notification. When both are set it will show a blue notification. The default value for the timeout is 2000ms.

example1: sfnotify body='hello world'

example2: sfnotify summary=message body='this is a long message with spaces it will last for 5sec' timeout=5000

  [--help] help output
  [summary='string'] summary text
  [body='string'] body text
  [timeout=integer] close after x ms


This is a minimal example for qt with dbus from TMO post. So be aware that it has no protection about user input. So you could crash the app if you mixing somthing up with the options or using some key words in the message.


Application versions: 
File sfnotify-0.0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm10.11 KB31/03/2017 - 22:49



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I am a big fan of all your cli. Sometimes I even wish my phone to be stolen to use them :)

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Thanks for reply nice to hear. Hope that it will not get stolen ;-) Yes cli tools are nice for scripts. Have you seen the latest creation? With smsrun you could start scripts by sending a sms.