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QRemoteControl for N9 Harmattan developed by Strahlex

With QRemoteControl installed on your Smartphone you can easily control your computer via WiFi. By using the touch-pad of your Phone you can for example open the internet browser and navigate to the pages you want to visit, use the music player or your media center without being next to your PC or laptop. Summarizing QRemoteControl allows you to do almost everything you would be able to do with a mouse and a keyboard, but also from a greater distance. 
To make these replacements possible QRemoteControl offers you a touch-pad, a keyboard, multimedia keys and buttons for starting applications. 
Even powering on the computer via Wake On LAN is supported by this app.

By now the server application is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Application versions: 
File qremotecontrol2_2.5.0_armel.deb1.28 MB22/04/2016 - 21:36

qremotecontrol2 (2.5.0) stable; urgency=high

* Added native keyboard support
* Added last connection list
* Fixed a few glitches


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ISSTracker,,Just-ask,,wifi hotspot,........add this 3 please...sukran

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please add antivirus for nokia n9 and wifi hotspot

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please add wifi hotspot