Sailfish Extra Fonts (mostly for Cyrillic and Greek)

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These are Adobe Source Sans fonts packaged for Sailfish OS. They are the same as Sail Sans Pro used by Jolla, but contain more alphabets (at least Greek and Cyrillic), so your native language would look similar to latin text. Stock Jolla uses Droid Sans font to display some alphabets and it looks ugly. I've uploaded these fonts last year to and posted links to t.j.c in hope that the devteam would fix font problem, but they paid no attention. So here's the better version.

Restart after installation.

To specify font substitution, this package changes /etc/fonts/local.conf , reinstall sailfish-fonts if something bad happens.

Package .spec/.yaml:

Application versions: 
File sailfish-fonts-extra-0.2.010-2.noarch.rpm151.84 KB09/03/2015 - 10:54



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Doesn't work with version Taalojärvi

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Thanks a lot!