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GPS-tracker is a user-friendly map-based application for Sailfish OS that allows to record, import and export GPX tracks. It also provides the opportunity to save users' favorite places and view selected GPX tracks. It uses OpenStreetMap data to display the map.

Source code is available at




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File harbour-gps-tracker-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm285.88 KB23/05/2018 - 17:07

Version 0.2
* Fixed issues in saving and loading GPX tracks.


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Помогите люди!как включить репозитарий к данной программе?(((

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Cannot select directory where to save the track file. Quite useless as it is.

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Couldn't save any track (SailfishX

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Very good app and the impact on the battery seems to be minimal!

I encountered some bugs/funny behaviour, though: 1) Loading a track just to visualize it seems not possible, or maybe it’s not a feature. 2) If I press the button to edit the track and end with cancel, the track is deleted. 3) Is the used format a standard one? I cannot display it in Google Earth, that kind of thing is possible with other apps in the Sailfish world!

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Could you add support for "osm scout server" ?

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UI seems quite nice and easier to use than Mæp which I've used so far for tracking.

I couldn't figure out how to view my track imported from Mæp. I copied it to the import folder and it shows in the list but tapping it does not do anything and long press menu lets me only to rename or remove the track.

I also hope you add more map options. I'd really like to have satellite or hiking map when I'm walking in the woods.

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I can't view any track files, imported or recorded. Recorded tracks don't even open in my favourite gpx viewer, GPXSee.