Patch: Xperia clock

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It enables an Xperia-like clock in the lockscreen. It works with LPM too. Tested on the Jolla C and the Jolla Tablet.

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Code for the weather patch based on this.


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* Sat Mar 23 2019 0.8.4
- Update for Sailfish 3.0.2.
- Toggle for weather on/off.

* Mon Jan 7 2019 0.8.3
- Update for Sailfish 3.0.1.

* Thu Oct 11 2018 0.8.2
- Added translations.

* Tue Oct 9 2018 0.8.1
- Added translations.

* Mon Oct 8 2018 0.8.0
- Added settings page.

* Tue Nov 28 2017 0.7.1
- Fixed top margin.

* Tue Oct 12 2017 0.7
- Update for Sailfish OS 2.1.3.

* Thu Apr 6 2017 0.5
- Fixed clock color in Sneak Peek view.

* Wed Apr 5 2017 0.4
- Weather widget added.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.3
- AMPM added on 12h clock.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.2
- Date repositioned.

* Tue Apr 4 2017 0.1
- First build.


PawelSpoon's picture

Yup,.ambience.colour.would be great, now.with light.and.dark ambiences, black.or.white.are no.option anymore

gedeon's picture

Hi. I use meecast eventsview along with this patch but after fw update it doesn't work properly. It only shows the current temperature smaller than before and I can't extend it to forecast... Could you check this please? Thank you!

ninepine's picture

Well I'm pleased to say that something has happend and it now works. Sorry for the trouble.

ninepine's picture

I get an error message about missing droid-hal-version 3113 etc. Have a screenshot but not sure how to add to this reply. It seems to affect a number of apps on OpenRepos all which wont update following the OS upgrade

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Hope the following is a correct transcription of the error message I get trying to upgrade Xperia Clock and a number of other Apps from OpenRepos. 

File '. /armv7hl/droid-hal-version-h3113-0.07-1.5.11.jolla.armv7hl.rpm' not found on Medium '


I'm using a Sony XA2 for which Jolla haven't yet issued Android support. 

ninepine's picture

Won't install following update to Sailffish I'm afraid.

fravaccaro's picture

0.8.3 update is supposed to work. 

alina's picture

Great update, thanks! But can you please add an option to use ambience color?

(The color setting can be enabled when this option gets disabled.)

klampfenfreak's picture

Can't remove patch. Sailfish X 2.2

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[SOLVED] Unable to remove or uninstall this patch ? JC'fied AF SFOS2.2 Patchmanager: 3
1) I unapply all patches and then uninstalled this one and refresh homescreen from utilities , it worked. (This is how i did)
2) May be you just unapply related patches (affecting lockscreen and clock) to this patch and uninstall, refresh homescreen or reboot..

fravaccaro's picture

patchmanager3 claims patch removing failed because before uninstallation the package makes sure that any of the patches are enabled, so pm3 tries to unapply them but of course it can't, as they're not enabled. On my Jolla C installation/uninstallation of the package works correctly.

breiti_oi's picture

It seems the patch doesn't work well with patchmanager3. I can install and apply it, but can't remove it.
EDIT: The problem seems more related to OS Update 2.2., because even with pkcon it's not possible to remove the patch.

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Thanks for the update, but as you may note the clock top margin in 2.1.3 is more than that in previous versions, so the big clock will be so close to media player widget – albeit if you have the operator name on the bottom which pushes the media player widget upwards.

On my trials, adding "Theme.paddingLarge * 2" to the "timeText.bottomMargin" will take the clock back to the same position as in previous versions.

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Great lockscreen! It would be great a setting of the font color, 'cause with bright ambience cannot see clearly the weather

alina's picture

Wow! Beautiful patch!

Some suggestions and feedbacks:

1. It would be great if we have all patches under one but some settings to play with, without needing to restart home screen.

2. The weather color is white also on LPM. To my opinion, it can be totally removed to keep LPM neater.

3. AM/PM will be more beautiful and more helpful on the bottom right side of the minutes (Screenshot).

4. Why uppercase for date? I prefer it in lowercase, however there can be an option (following #1).

gedeon's picture

And 1 more thing what I noticed when I use bright ambiences I can not see properly the time and the weather as well, so maybe you can find the source in the Ultimate Statusbar patch. So it would be very usefull if we could manage a gradient background under the clock and the banners somehow nice presenting like from light gradient from the borders to growing gradient further the centre point of the object... I hope you understand what I mean, and thanks anyway everything so far, I am not to here to stress jou, just I tey to give some usefull developing...


Have a nice weekend ;)

fravaccaro's picture

It's an old problem in Sailfish OS :/ No problem, I'm a newbie, I'm willing to get feedback :)

giskard's picture

How can I move the operator name to the bottom, like in your screenshots?

fravaccaro's picture

I did nothing, it's a Sailfish OS thing :)

Markkyboy's picture

"it's a Sailfish OS thing..".....I've not seen this, ever. A file must have been altered, either manually or by an app. It's interesting to see a part of statusarea showing at the bottom of the screen, when normally, statusarea is of a 'row' construction type.

Ancelad's picture

It's really OS-feature. Bottom position is shown if you have multisim-support (Jolla C or Intex) and top one if you have one sim (Jolla 1 etc) because you don't have enough space to show two operators name in the top of the screen without statusarea-indicators overlapping.

giskard's picture

Thanks! :)

Markkyboy's picture

That makes sense now you say it, I didn't consider other devices with multi-sim. I assumed that frav is using Jolla1.

fravaccaro's picture

Nope, Jolla C :) I forgot Jolla 1 still places the operator name on the status bar :)

giskard's picture

Then your Sailfish behaves differently from my :D

gedeon's picture

Heh, I thought the different hours and minutes colour was on purpose in Sneak Peak :) , I liked it. Is there maybe any chance in the future you add an option to select the hours colour and separately the minutes colour in normal lock screen and maybe different colours in Sneak Peak as well?
 Also size selects and distances would be nice :) . Sorry for the many suggestions I am just thinking loudly sometimes...

fravaccaro's picture

Yes, there's a chance but not soon :) I need to learn some new stuff first and in the coming weeks I'll be busy trying to finally deliver the UI for my Theme pack support (which is, well, 1 and half year late)

gedeon's picture

Nice job!


Could you add maybe the same meecast feature like in the analoge clock patch, please?



fravaccaro's picture

I'm afraid it's not possible. I'm considering the 'worse' scenario, with big fonts+music controls+call, there wouldn't be enough room for the weather banner and it would overlap some lockscreen items, ending up in a mess. Of course different designs are possible, like the weather 'icons' alongside the date or as a background for the clock, but so far those tricks are beyond my skills. :/

gedeon's picture

And if someone doesn't use music control, like me, or doesn't use big fonts, etc.? I used the analog clock so far, where is the weather banner is eligible option like the 5days forecast as well, little bit overhang the five days maybe but I still like it because it practical. So if you could just add it like an option what we are able to select from a menu, same like in the analog clock it would be perfect because everyone  could use peraonally what he want to see on lock screen, in principle the source code is available from that patch or not?