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A memorize game - That... Uhm I don't remember!

Are you good in remembering things? This game will challenge you!


ForgetItNot has two gamemodes:

Classic - Play two levelsets with 120 levels and more than 100 bonus levels. Each level has a time limit, it get's harder step by step.

Arcade - Play a game with auto balanced levels with the same two levelsets. There is no level time limit, but a global arcade time limit. Remember as many sets as you can.

Currently there are the following two levelsets:

Remember one - You see a few icons and have to remember them. Then when you remember it, press the "got it" button. You are presented 9 icons and have to choose the icon, that was already in the first grid of icons.

Remember many - Like remember one, BUT when you have to remember the icons, there is not always one icon asked, but their can be many icons from the first grid.  Can you remember them all? Attention, sometimes in this mode the game tries to fool you and present you complete different icons, so you have to select none of them.



Application versions: 
File harbour-forgetitnot-0.0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm1017.43 KB06/01/2015 - 13:54

- Show correct solution before switching to scores view

- Highscore now splitted for different levelsets (Therefore the old highscores are not available any more - sorry!)
- Fixed a bug with "Abort game" in points view.

- Fixed some bug in higher levelset2

- Added Arcade Game Mode
- Added Second even harder levelset
- Redesigned highscore list
- Added custom button design

- Increased difficulty (less time per level)
- Increased time bonus points
- Fixed a bug with bonus level time
- Clearly indicate bonus levels


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Nice game, thanks!