Patch: Silica Jolla Mail

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Tweaks for the Jolla e-mail client in SailfishOS

Based on my previous works published on

Thanks to favracaro for patch idea

Application versions: 

* Sun May 03 2020 | Version
- Sailfish update

* Sat Jan 18 2020 | Version
- Sailfish compatible

* Sun Nov 10 2019 | Version
- Added icon

* Fri Nov 08 2019 | Version
- Sailfish compatible

* Thu Aug 01 2019 | Version
- Sailfish compatible


chris7chris's picture

Yes, it would be nice to have an update.

crakby's picture

Update is needed :-)

JacekJagosz's picture

Yeah, I wonder if the code just needs a few changes or it needs to be rewritten from scratch for change from QTWebkit to Gecko. I already really miss this patch on 3.4

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any chance, we can see an update for the new Would be much appreciated!

Thx in advance!


Bsingleto's picture

Omg.... Thank you - thank you for getting rid of the blindingly white background! ive checked three emails and already considering using email more on this OS.

chris7chris's picture

After last update I got some errors too. Pkcon refresh couldn't solve it. Html-emails are unreadable, they appear a few times above the other. The more I scroll up and down the more overlays I get. Does sb know this issue, and perhaps a solution for it? ;)
XA2 / Rokua

You can see for instance here:

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This is taking out the glare from emails. Wonderful. But somehow I can't update to the latest release. I get some error... Forget it. devel-su pkcon refresh solved it

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То что надо! Класс!!

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I must be slow. What does it do except show some spam?

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It removes the dumb white background that blinds us all at night.

Neo2SHYAlien's picture

Great!!! Thank you

Vieno's picture

There is no previous version but I have it already installed. This is weird.

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Works great! Thank you!

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Pretty nice! Thanks for the update :)

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Now this is really nice - thank you very much!