Patch: 3 fingers volume control

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Makes "three fingers volume control" feature available for all screen sizes.

ATENTION: To install version, please uninstall any other previous version

Patchmanager 3.0 is advised to be installed first.

Once installed you'll be able to use a three-finger swipe up and down to adjust volume in any Sailfish OS device.

Thanks to Alina & Virgi for sources.

Application versions: 
File sailfishos-patch-3fingersvolume- KB06/08/2019 - 13:50
File sailfishos-patch-3fingersvolume- KB01/12/2019 - 14:56

* Sun Dec 01 2019 | Version
- Xperia 10 Plus supported
- Icon added

* Fri Aug 02 2019 | Version
- Sailfish compatible
- Fix not autohidding soundbar (not yet perfect, but almost. If the soundbar freezes, just slide again)

* Thu Nov 08 2018 | Version
- Sailfish compatible

* Fri Mar 16 2018 | Version 0.3-1:
- Sailfish compatible


Pelzlurch's picture

unfortunately not working anymore.

objectifnul's picture

Not working (Sfos 4.4)

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Hi , if you could just update your patch to change line 550 of ''volumeControl.qml'' from : ''hideTimer.stop()''  by ''hideTimer.restart()'' it will fix the auto hide issue. This patch is a must.

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Autohidding soundbar fixed (not yet perfect, but almost. If the soundbar freezes, just slide again)

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Thank you so much for the update, I think this is a patch indispensable for SFOS.

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Now it does work but do not "auto-hide" the menu bar after changing the level with the 3 fingers. Strange.

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Didnt it say you need pm2 ?

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Fixed. Now works on SFOS 3 & Patchmanager 2 or 3 beta

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Dont work on sailfish os with patchmanager 3 :(

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Perfect. Thank

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Did u managed to make it work fatty guy?can u help me gadha???



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Yes, worked. Thx

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Perfect, Thank you