Patch: return to app from the events view

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This patch re-focuses the previously opened application minimized
during the switch to the Events View.


The "Quick Events access" option in Settings -> System -> Gestures must be enabled
for this patch to work.

Works on SailfishOS 2.0.0+

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- [patch] Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.0 Saimaa; Reset queuedWindow when returning from lock screen
- [packaging] Bump sailfish-version requirement to match Saimaa
- [packaging] Bump lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 to match Saimaa


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Will this patch update? applying the patch has been failed now.



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I tried to install this patch, but patchmanager throws an error. Are there any dependencies I need to install first?

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Probably I found a bug... I noticed that many times I miss calendar notifications, and to show them on the event screen I need restart lipstick. I searched which files can be affected and found that "NotificationItem.qml" patched with your patch.
I unapplied your patch for 3 days and now calendar notifications comes without any problem every day...

Please check and fix it if your can, I like your patch but can't miss calendar notifications..

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I found a small issue. If you have an app open when the screen is locked and later go to the events view from the lock screen, then you will get to the app you had opened when you leave the events view. I don't think that's what you want when you come from a locked phone.

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I think it's great . For example, when it locks the screen form wechat , as unlocking screen , i'd like returning to wechat to continue my chat rather than to home.

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But you wont go to wechat from lock screen. You have to swipe left to get to events view and then pull/swipe sideways to activate the behaviour in this patch and go to wechat. You might as well unlock to home view and tap the wechat icon.

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As unlocking the screen, it returns to the app only when screen locked from events view, or it returns to home as usual.So I think that's also a good design, it gives users one more option.

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Thank you for the patch ! Can you make the gestures to chose that returning to app or home ? It can be operational more flexibility.

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You mean to temporairly disable the patch?

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No,two gestures, you can return to app, and you can return home with the other gesture.with a left edge swipe again,it will always return to app,and a right edge swipe will return to home.Sorry, my English is so bad.

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dude you are amazing! So fast and it works perfectly! Thanks alot again!

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Thanks for your work, it works otherwise perfectly, but there is now an other problem. when i click some notification while im on notifications (and when i went there from app) And i click a notification which tries to take me to other app, it throws me back to the app i were before i went to notification screen. is this something what can be repaired/changed? Thanks anyway for awesome patch!

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Version should fix this.

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WHOOPS. Sorry, that's a big bug that slipped through my testing.

Will fix :)