Patch: Dialer Keypad on by default

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Note: This only works on SailfishOS 2.0.0.x Saimaa and later

This really simple (two lines!) patch modifes the Phone application to open the Dialer Keypad by default. Reboot your phone (or restart voicecall-ui) after applying.


GitHub project page.


Ensure to disable every patch before upgrading SailfishOS to a new release.


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- [patch] Do not rely on launchedByUser anymore, instead hook on the DBus show() call
- [packaging] Ship the changelog
- [packaging] Bump sailfish-version requirement to 2.0.0-10.34.10 ( Saimaa)
- [packaging] Require latest voicecall-ui-jolla
- [packaging] Try to remove the patch when removing the package


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It will be perfect with "Call contact" cover action.

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Hi Ancelad, would you be so kind and adapt your patch "Always Show Close Icon in app-switcher" for Sailfish OS 3.4? Thanks a lot :)

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Wow! What a great patch I'd missed!

Thanks. However I meant "only" call contact cover. When opening the app will open the dialer, the dialer cover action will be obsolete.

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Implemented in 0.0.7-1

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Works like a charm, thnx.

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tested on update 10. it fails. please update.



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the latest patch update should work on update10.