QuasarMX Lite

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A Desktop-Style Mobile Music Player

A Light-Weight,Fast And Convenient Music Player Optimized For Mobile Systems Offering Many Of The Features Found In Modern Desktop Media Players,Like Fast Library Overview And Filtering Along With The Ability To Handle Large Libraries Very Well

Last Version Uploaded (2016/16/07)

Application versions: 
File quasarmx_2.1.1490_armel.deb4.05 MB16/07/2016 - 13:47

quasarmx (2.1.1490) testing; urgency=low

New features:

* Introduced new user interface in Desktop version of QuasarMX, switchable to mobile user interface via new "Switch Interface" menu entry or button in bottom right corner, properly restoring window geometry and state of each state;
* Implemented support for file manager drag and drop operations in Desktop version;
* Added Mono Mix option in Stereo Enhancer that allows mixing stereo signals down to mono (usefull if only one speaker is hooked up or one can only listen to music on one ear).


* QuasarMX now correctly remembers the position in playlist upon restarting and/or switching of playlists;
* Windows: Fixed connection issues.


* Ubuntu: Now using Qt Quick 2 and thus require desktop OpenGL;
* Ubuntu: Packages now come bundled with official Qt 5.6.1 binaries to work on 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS (and possibly Snap / flatpak later on);
* Updated translation files (German, Russian, Italian).


zxcvbnm3230's picture

Are there any limitations in functionality (as it says 'lite' in title)?

DameCENO's picture

The name lite suggest it is the free-limited version with just some functionalities to motivate the user to go for the pro version.

It is my only music player, and since I am a music freak, there is nothing better out there