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Cargospace is simple disk usage application.

It's beta version.



  • Add app cover
  • Support for deleting files
  • Editable bookmarks


  • Initial Version


objectifnul's picture

Update needed for rokua compatibility

Historyscholar's picture

very good

dr4Ke's picture

Nice app. It should have shortcuts to all mounted filesystems, though. Now rootfs and sdcard is shown, but /home isn't, for example.

elros34's picture

There are default shortcuts for rootfs, sdcard and mounted images but you can also add any directory (/home) or partition you like.

Ygorr's picture

I had three additional identical blocks of information of /rootfs. Opening each of them is quite slowly

elros34's picture

Please show me output of "df  -TP". The time it takes to open depends on the number of files you have in particular directory and subdirectories.