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FBReader is an e-book reader. It supports most open e-book formats, and can read compressed e-book archives.

This is a (beta) release of the SailfishOS port. Import from <code>~/Documents</code> (SailfishOS default) start automatically on entering the local library menu item. If it crashes on importing your books or on loading a book from library, just restart.

This port to SailfishOS is sponsored by friprogramvarusyndikatet.se.

Application versions: 
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-6.armv7hl.rpm1.58 MB16/07/2014 - 22:23
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-7.armv7hl.rpm1.58 MB30/10/2014 - 03:24
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-8.armv7hl.rpm1.58 MB22/06/2015 - 20:39
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-10.armv7hl.rpm1.6 MB16/09/2015 - 00:58
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-11.armv7hl.rpm1.66 MB24/11/2016 - 16:23
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-12.armv7hl.rpm1.69 MB14/02/2017 - 06:24
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-12.i486.rpm1.81 MB15/02/2017 - 02:32
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-13.i486.rpm1.8 MB05/10/2017 - 16:42
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-13.armv7hl.rpm1.69 MB05/10/2017 - 16:42
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-14.armv7hl.rpm1.68 MB14/11/2017 - 16:59
File harbour-fbreader-0.99.6-14.i486.rpm1.8 MB14/11/2017 - 16:59

- 0.99.6-14 - [SailfishOS] Rebuilt with SDK 1710 now when is released to all users.

- 0.99.6-13 - [SailfishOS] Removing launcher icons of 64x64 and smaller to fight bad logic of high res devices to use smaller icon if available ...  
- 0.99.6-12 - [SailfishOS] QT 5.6 adaptation only. Finalised i486 builds.
- 0.99.6-11 - [SailfishOS] Some launcher icon generation adaptions. Restore landscape mode's narrow pulley.  
- 0.99.6-10 - [SailfishOS] New icon set provided by Oscillator, thanks. Some further CoverPage and pulldown improvements.
- 0.99.6-9 - [SailfishOS] Allow all orientations (great for program code listings). Some CoverPage improvements before tablet adaptation.
- 0.99.6-8 - [SailfishOS] Volume key page navigation now works. Thanks to George Nikandrov (gnikandrov) for providing the patch.
- 0.99.6-7 - [SailfishOS] Fix QT 5.2 issue. Only use this update if on update9 Uitukka or newer.
- 0.99.6-6 - [SailfishOS] Changed icon to one contributed by caprico, thanks. Changed order of items in menu.