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A simple voice recorder application for recording audio notes.

Developers: Tomi Ilvessalmi (UI); Zhang Aidong (Graphics); Marko Nykanen


Note: this is an application from closed nokia/ovi store, someone asked for this on TMO and I didn't have the .deb file, so I made a new one from the files that I had. I am not a developer of this app.

Application versions: 
File recorder-n_0.14_armel.deb711.88 KB10/05/2015 - 00:17


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Not sure if its original file, but it differs from your. I found it in old OVIcatch dir.
I stronly believe its from store.

Feel free to upload it in you repo(replace). It was freeware, and it's more legal to distribute non-modified version ;-)

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Replaced. Thank you! ^^