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An unofficial Telegram Client for SailfishOS.

Implemented Features

  1. Basic Notifications
  2. Group and Members Management (Create/Add/Invite/Delete)
  3. Secret Chats (bugfixes needed)
  4. Basic Profile Management
  5. File Transfer (even from SD Card)
  6. Image/Audio/Video/Document messages types are supported
  7. Integrated SignUp procedure
  8. Emoji Support
  9. Bubbles during conversations (they can be disabled)
  10. Stickers
  11. Daemon (must be enabled in settings)
  12. Audio Messages

Known Issues

  1. Uploads can't be cancelled
  2. Secret Chats needs to be improved (Cutegram's libraries needs to be fixed)
  3. No checkmarks with russian layout:

1.0 Roadmap

  1. Broadcast Channels
  2. Supergroups

Project Information

Localization Platform
Source Code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailorgram-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm551.62 KB05/07/2015 - 14:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.6-1.armv7hl.rpm560.85 KB08/07/2015 - 13:14
File harbour-sailorgram-0.7-1.armv7hl.rpm867.41 KB19/07/2015 - 11:29
File harbour-sailorgram-0.71-1.armv7hl.rpm872.22 KB24/07/2015 - 13:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.armv7hl.rpm895.51 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.72-2.i486.rpm985.39 KB11/10/2015 - 17:54
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.i486.rpm2.79 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.73-5.armv7hl.rpm2.67 MB31/12/2015 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.armv7hl.rpm2.9 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.79-1.i486.rpm3.05 MB02/02/2016 - 20:51
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.armv7hl.rpm2.92 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15
File harbour-sailorgram-0.80-2.i486.rpm3.06 MB19/02/2016 - 21:15

Version 0.80-2

  • Notifications will be deleted if a message is readed from another client
  • It's possible to send multiple files from file picker (thanks goes to Maldela for the implementation)
  • Secret chats are now visible in Sailorgram's cover
  • It's possible to reply to messages
  • SearchBox will be scrolled along with the chats
  • Searchbox's hidden by default ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • SearchBox's visible setting is persistent
  • Implemented message forwarding
  • Messages can be marked as readed directly from the Chat page
  • Moved "Settings" and "Profile" menu in Contacts page
  • Profile images are now clickable ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Pinch to zoom enabled in Image Viewer ( thanks to mentaljam for the implementation :) )
  • Quoted media messages are now visible
  • Unified single chats, groups and secret chats components
  • Location type messages will be opened with Maps application
  • Implemented Webpage media messages
  • Implemented Venue media messages
  • Deleted 0.5x and 0.6x legacy code
  • Removed more legacy code from media messages, improved appereance and behavior
  • Improved connection reliability
  • Redesigned Profile page
  • Redesigned Contacts page
  • Fixed an unwanted newline when sending messages using the enter key
  • Polished UI
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations
  • REV2: Improved message forwarding
  • REV2: Fixed Audio recording

Version 0.79-1

  • Implemented Sticker support
  • Implemented Daemon support
  • Full featured notification management
  • New sharing center which replaces the old file picker ( thanks thebootroo :) )
  • New cover implementation ( thanks toxip :) )
  • Emoji's engine now takes care of skin color/tone
  • Implemented support for Location type messages
  • Media Messages' caption is now displayed (if any)
  • It's possible to change the Bubble's opacity from settings
  • Added "soft" notification during conversation (a small "bip")
  • It' possibile to use a second style for bubbles (can be enabled in settings)
  • Sticker sets can be installed by long pressing it during a conversation
  • The client now sends/receives typing state to/from other users
  • Dropped HeartBeat
  • Improved UI
  • Performance boost
  • New icon ( thanks again toxip :) )
  • Updated LibQTelegram and TelegramQML to upstream
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-5

  • Fixed ContactsPage
  • Fixed Cover Actions
  • Added "Global Mute" setting in cover actions
  • New Emoji Set
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.73-1

  • Backported UI enhancements from 0.8x branch
  • Updated to the latest Cutegram libraries available
  • Implemented Emoji support
  • Implemented Bubbles
  • Bubble can be removed, if needed
  • Improved message loading from history
  • Improved File Picker's UI
  • Restored image previews in File Picker
  • Swapped Settings <-> Contacts page
  • Mentions, Links and Quotes are highlighted during conversations
  • Links are clickable
  • Adjusted and fixed UI glitches
  • Redesigned conversation page
  • Completely restructured source code
  • Performance improvements
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.72-2

  • Bug fixes in chat's background settings
  • i486 support (tablet)

Version 0.72-1

  • Added check for username availability
  • Added setting for show/hide chat header
  • Added an option that allows to load more messages from history
  • Fixed missing cover action issue
  • Redesigned settings UI
  • Initial support for Debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Improved SignIn procedure with debugging tools (useful when reporting bugs)
  • Complete rewrite of notification management (fixes notifications issue for groups)
  • Fixed the UI in landscape mode
  • Adjusted TextArea's height when pasting long messages
  • Heavy bugfix and improvements in media management
  • Updated Cutegram libraries
  • Updated Localizations
  • Minor Fixes

Version 0.71-1

  • Always Display FirstName + LastName instead of UserName
  • Improved Conversations Page
  • Restored "Download" menu during conversations
  • Fixed FilePicker crash
  • Implemented pure audio/video message support (testing needed, Sailfish needs some extra codecs)
  • Conversation's background can be disabled
  • BUGFIX: Delete secret chats if ENCRYPTION_ALREADY_DECLINED is triggered (LibQTelegram)
  • BUGFIX: Mark secret chat messages as read (TelegramQML)
  • BUGFIX: Set max_date parameter when calling Telegram's API messages.readEncryptedHistory (TelegramQML)
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.7-1

  • Implemented Secret Chats (more work needed)
  • Implemented HeartBeat so it is possible to see client and Telegram status
  • Completed Client SignUp procedure (more testing needed)
  • Implemented Integrated Image Viewer
  • Implemented Integrated Audio/Video Player
  • Improved Group Management
  • Basic Profile Management
  • It is possible to send messages using "Enter" key
  • Updated Cutegram Libraries to the latest available version
  • Polished UI
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localziations

Version 0.6-1

  • Implemented Group Management (Member Management, Group Creation/Deletion/Invite)
  • Conversations and Groups are separated in two different sections
  • Display Telegram's service messages in chat
  • Improved Conversation UI
  • Added Cover Actions
  • Minor Fixes
  • Updated Localizations

Version 0.5-1

  • First Public Release


Dax's picture

Yes, you can see activity here:

0.9 is taking so long because I have developed a new library for SailorGram and I have removed the one used in 0.8 in order to sync its feature with the android client faster (0.8 is light years behind).

Also, I'm rewriting all the client's UI in order to have a clean start (again).

There will be a public 0.9 beta testing during the end of november.

Stephan_84's picture

Happy to hear that!

kinggo's picture

THX for this. App works fine but I have issues with notifications of new messages. After restart all is fine I hear the sound, LED blinks and I can see it in events when message is received. But that simply stops after some time and I can only see new message in cover.

chipsetsv's picture

Great app. Useful, stable and simple. But stickers doesn't work.

harianilchandran's picture

thanks for your exciting app. I am using it on aquafish. But I cannot see messages from the groups I am already present in the app. There is an option for adding group. But is that for creating a whole new group.Is there any way to see messages from the groups I am already present. Thanks in advance.

Dax's picture

It's a supergroup?

It's not supported atm

petros's picture

Stickers does not appear on aquafish! any suggestions?

Dax's picture

The sticker's page?

MoritzJT's picture

Yes, the button does not take a Jolla C / Aqua Fish user anywhere...

alfatuma's picture

Hi! I'm using your app and its very good but I have some problems: I can't share my position and stickers (I install them but when I tap on "sticker" nothing is happening!), "images", "photo", "audio" and "other files" works very well! Sometimes when I open the app and read a message I can still find it in events view! Sailfish version:
Ps. Sorry for my english!

Dax's picture

Are you sure that you are using version 0.8?

I have tested again the app with some people and there are no issues.

NOTE: You can't install the default sticker set

alfatuma's picture

Yes, my version is 0.8-2 downloaded from Warehouse on Jolla C!

Jordi's picture

Thanks for this great app!

And I have a request:

I would like to be able to send pictures without losing quality, is it a planned feature? :-)

And something else:

When the phone lose connexion, CPU usage of Sailorgram starts increasing. Sometimes, it’s so severe that the app is unresponsive and cannot be closed normally.

Dax's picture

SailorGram sends image as it is, I think that they are compressed by telegram servers.
If you want to send an uncompressed image it should be sent as file. :)

About CPU usage, it should be re-tested in 0.9 because I'm using the new library.

Jordi's picture

Thanks, eagerly waiting for this new release.

monkeyisland's picture

hi on Jolla C there are no notifications Sounds anymore.

Maledictus's picture

Thx for applications, but I have 2 questions:

1) How to add stikers to app

2) How to join to chat via invite link?

Dax's picture

1) Long press a sticker (no, the default set can't be added)

2) It's not implemented yet

Maledictus's picture

thank you very much. Application is awesome!

Dax's picture

0.9 will be even better :)

thisisme's picture

Hi, and thanks for this awesome app!

I tried to run sailorgram in my Jolla C ( but unfortunately it cannot connect... An SMS with the verification code reaches my phone, I input the code in the app but then it gets stuck in the "Connecting" page forever.

I have attatched the relevant piece from journalctl logs here if you're interested.

EDIT: Also, do you know how I can stop it from running at boot? Apparently it tries to login (in demon mode) every time I reboot the device and telegram servers keep sending me sms messages with verifcation codes, it's driving me insane...

thisisme's picture

I think I figured out what the problem was... I had enabled additional password in Telegram settings, maybe the app does not handle this scenario yet? Once I disabled additional password I managed to login through my Jolla C.

I don't know why the problem hadn't occured with Jolla1.. perhaps I was already logged in before I enable this setting and Telegram keeps sessions active forever?

Dax's picture

The daemon mode keeps sailorgram running foverer, if the connection is stuck you can quit the app from the pulley menu (there is the "Quit" option), 2FA is not supported (yet)

SKD's picture

I'm currently experiencing the problem that I can't receive any files. I think it's since I reset my sailfish installation. Is there any dependency? Do I need to install anything else?

Dax's picture

No, SailorGram is standalone.

Try to reset the client

Aslanex's picture

I do not like the feature of showing Loading title instead of input button, when disconnected, because I could write a message when disconnected and send it after a while, when online. I would be very useful in the metro! :)

w32blaster's picture

SailorGram is awesome! Thank you guys for your work, I use this app every day!

LucaCimmino's picture

Sailorgram is fantastic.

One question. I'm new of Telegram and Sailorgram as well. In your app I have to add contacts manaully, they are not imported from my Jolla contact app. Is it normal?

Dax's picture

Contact integration is not implemented yet.

In order to see your Telegram contacts you need to install the android client first (it can be removed later).


More info:

Alex's picture

Hey  @Dax, I am experiencing an issue with Sailorgram on my Jolla: Since a random crash of rhe app I am not able to open it up normally again.

If I do the following the app will just crash every time while connecting:

1. The internet is on

2. I open SailorGram

3. It loads, until to the connection phase and then crashes/closes immediatelly


I have to do the following to be able to start and use SailorGram:

1. Turn off all internet connections (WIFI and mobile inet)

2. Open up SailorGram

3. It will stay on the 'connecting' phase

4. Activate my internet again and it will connect without problems


Do you have any clue how to solve and debug this issue?:)