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A Google Hangouts native client

Application versions: 
File harbour-hangish-0.8.5-0.armv7hl.rpm181.78 KB11/10/2016 - 16:15

- Implemented oauth2 authentication
- Small fixes for UI
- Fix for duplicate messages received
- Can now exit from full screen image pinching to the minimum level


MihailSafonov's picture

Как понимаю приложение мертво окончательно?

ExTechOp's picture

It would be really nice if this could be updated to run on the current Sailfish OS. Are you still there, daniele?

akira_pwr's picture

Please update this app for latest release of Sailfish

wsxcde's picture

Hangis login. 400 That is an error. Error: invalid_scope

carepack's picture

hi daniele,

login is not working. greetz




palikao's picture

Any screenshot?

zzzzZ's picture

Would it be possible to release an updated version to openrepos as current version is not able to login

vince07's picture

Hi Daniele,

Sinds a couple of days i can not log into hangish anymore. I've tried hangish from the Jolla store and Openrepos.

mad_soft's picture

Same for me, i can't login with the lastest version 0.8.1

Fidoraptor's picture

Hi Daniele,

You forgot to upload the app;)

daniele's picture

Woops, thanks... should be there now :)

carepack's picture

changelog available? thx for the app

daniele's picture

Here you go:

- Updated to work again after latest Google changes to hangouts
- Added copy to clipboard for text messages
- Bugfixes