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**** Beta release ***

CellMon lets you monitor your cellular radio

- Signal strength

- 2G/3G-umts/4G-lte , band and actual frequencies

- connection status

It was started to give me a decent signal strength meter to help in finding the best signal location.

It reads the information via dbus, and is now fairly easy to add more dbus sources

There are two bars showing signal strength from the two different apis. NetworkRegistration updates automatically. NetworkMonitor has to be manually updated , or when you press ">" it reads NetworkMonitor on a fast timer loop. 

Below the bars are a spinner and history so you can see when updates are happening, and catch fast changing levels.

Limitation V0.3.2 Added umts/3G frequencies basic bands only not extra channels. I have no way to see what happens with 2G so report any un-decoded channels.  support sim1/2, no detect if present;

To understand what I am displaying see:



(this is a pure qml app)

Application versions: 
File cellmon-0.1-1.noarch.rpm53.19 KB18/06/2021 - 13:44
File cellmon-0.2-1.noarch.rpm54.22 KB23/06/2021 - 13:47
File cellmon-0.3-2.noarch.rpm42.78 KB27/06/2021 - 12:07

- Add basic umts frequency table and rewrite channel2freq - add NetworkOperator.GetProperties - make icon


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Band and Freqs are not shown on XA2+ Dual SIM (using only SIM1), any idea what might go wrong here?

Seven_of_nine's picture

Works fine at my Xperia 10 single SIM. Thank you very much!

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AFAICS it doesn't take into account Dual-Sim though, correct? Supporting that would be nice, perhaps one per page.

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I will need a tester who is running dual sims for that.

I have assumed that ril+0 is sim1 and ril_1 will be sim_2

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Correct, here's some example dbus calls:

gdbus call  -y --dest=org.ofono --object-path / --method org.nemomobile.ofono.ModemManager.GetAvailableModems
([objectpath '/ril_0', '/ril_1'],)


gdbus call  -y --dest=org.ofono --object-path /ril_1 --method org.nemomobile.ofono.SimInfo.GetServiceProviderName
('3 AT',)


I'll test if you need anything.

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V0.2: Support for SIM2 added. You can raise issues on the github now, should be working from about page, so move there for feedback.