Patch: Don't steal focus

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Based on SailfishOS

Minimize all launching windows whenever you click on a cover action of an app, so another window does not steal the focus.


Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch. 


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  • Update for
  • Now, only needed when clicking on cover actions


  • Minimize other apps when focusing launching app or clicking cover action


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Thank you for this great patch, but unfortunately it isn't working with SFOS

Will you update this patch for SFOS

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It is essentially already adapted in When an app is focused, all other windows are minimized. The only thing missing is minimizing all windows when clicking a cover action. If you need this, I can update for the new version.

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That would be very nice, i find this feature very handy. Thank you.

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Done :)

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I am not sure if this patch really works. At least not in all occasions. Do you think it's possible to always start apps in backgrounnd and on!y give them focus when on switcher page lockscreen or app launcher?

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It works for me and really just handles the scenario in the description. Which occasions do you refer to?

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Sorry, but possibly that I am "stupid" , but what do this patch exactly. I tried to test or understand but unsuccessfully... sorry... :) But I would like to know, because your patches are usually practical! Thx.

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No problem, let me try to explain it better. Say, you have an app A opened and launch another app B. While app B is loading you press on the cover of app A and focus it. Normally, app B would forcefully focus itself as soon as it is started. With this patch, your focus stays on app A.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the perfect explain, now I understand... :) And really this is a practical patch who use a little bit complicated and "multitaskinged" to the system, and usually impatient "or quickly switch decision" :) (like me as well...) . 
The best would be of course if every app started immediately when you tap on that, but at the moment maybe this is just a dream. (And or just I don't like the many unnecessary and in many cases slow down animations while created something new process.)
I hope I successed clearly drafted everything... :)

Oh, and thx for the patch and the explain.


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Yeah, I also think there are a lot of animations that makes it feel slow. I hope to get something working to reduce this delay a tiny bit, probably not immediately though.

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Thanks - sometimes you don't even know that you would like to have something before it pops up in front of you :-)