Patch: Don't freeze app on peek

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Only tested with SailfishOS

Do not freeze the pixmap of the current app when peeking at home.


Not maintained anymore! Please open an issue on github if you are interested in maintaining this patch. 

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This patch is greatly missed on Newest SFOS :(

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Works nicely under SFOS 2.1.0

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I give me the error "Failed to install patch". Where am I wrong? Perhaps it is incompatible with other patches?

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Which sailfish version are you running? Can you try disabling all other patches and check again?

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will you update the patch for


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Awesome! I missed being able to simultaneously look at the active app and the home screen without freezing the former.

Is there a reason why this isn't the default behavior, as in pre-2.0 sailfish? Does it slow down the animation or something?

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Glad that you like it. A comment in the code suggests that this has a negative impact on the peek performance, but for me it works perfectly. So honestly, I am not sure :)