[Patch] More network modes

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More network modes patch for SailfishOS 2.0.5 ONLY

Allow to select between Any, 4G Only, 4G + 3G, 3G only, 3G + 2G, 2G Only modes.

Donations are welcome =)


Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.5 <- only this version is supported!


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Anyway to update this? Really miss this functionality when I switched to Sailfish from Android

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Как скачать?


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Sad that Jolla won't ever provide a configuration option that you could use to provoke a situation without coverage. This was the only way to ensure no GSM connectivity and during train rides it was really useful :)

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Could you evaluate support fpr, seems like i cant and some others have reported their modem being stuck at 2G, even though with the same hardware and mobile data provider i used to be able to 4G/LTE.

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I'll do when i have enough time for this

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Hi Coderus. If we can buy your time, how much for updating and keeping updated ?

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Thanks a lot, Coderus! :-)
It would be a major patch.
Good job!



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You should never try old ofono with new releases.

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ok thanks for letting me know ill remove the patches.

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ok thanks for letting me know ill remove the patches.

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Just a suggestion, would it be possible to add a warning on "4G Only" mode that voice calls are not possible? Currently Sailfish OS and/or hardwares lack VoLTE support, and LTE does not support traditional circuit-switched voice calls "per specification". As a result, switching back to 3G/2G on voice calls are required, which is disabled by 4G Only mode.

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i am receiving calls in 4G mode with no problems, sorry

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Did you know, coderus, that this patch (or the ofono version, actually) has a pretty serious bug?

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works for me.
you just dont use it if it is not working for you, because it is a free software :)

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Older version compatible with Taalojärvi removed?

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Removed, because you should not be able to install old version to 2.0.2

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Okay, but currently the official release is still (Taalojärvi).


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EA is latest official releases for me

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Too many disappointments with early access OS releases in the past (Jolla is my default work phone).

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No any issues in EA for me for ages :)

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Anyway, making any app deliberately unavailable for users of an official OS release is beyond my understanding. Sorry if this sounds like a rant.

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EA releases are 100% official

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Really need it on .. Jolla takes ages to find 4g in "prefear 4g"
This patch is amazing and so usefull. I hope you'll update it.

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updated for 2.0.2

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I have an issue with installing this patch:

Ofono is installed according to warehouse 1.17+git22+master.20160415161238.3.g8376174- . . . Ofono was installed via devel-su -> pkcon refresh -> pkcon install ofono -> reboot

Sailfish version is

Error is:

Transaction /903_ecadaccb

Status: dep-resolution-failed

Extra details: sailfishos-more-network-modes-0.0.6-3.armv7hl requires ofono = 1.16+git14-10.14.1.jolla, but this requirement cannot be provided.

Ofono was also downloaded from warehouse to the local device ofono-1.16git14-10.14.1.armv7hl.rpm (seemingly what is missing) and attempting to install it via pkcon install-local <local file path> lead to a dependancy requirement for ofono-configs, which I have no idea where to get. pkcon install ofono-configs doesn't lead to any available packages.

What else can I try doing to resolve this issue?


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i just need to update patched ofono version

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hi coderus,
i have the very same problem. will it be complicated to update?

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not complicated, but need somje amount of time. I did not updated anything to new releases yet.

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I found the same bug, after setting 3G + 4G and restarted, are no longer 'able to change the network settings, as described by babba2, if you uninstall the patch does not change the situation, I can not' to set the network ... thanks.

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in warehouse disable coderus_ofono repository

then in terminal do:

pkcon refresh
pkcon install ofono

and reboot