Patch: Notifications count in Switcher

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Patch adding notifications count icon to Switcher.

Can be customized in settings.

Works only if application window title exactly match notification group application name.



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File sailfishos-switcher-notifications-patch-0.0.2-4omp.noarch.rpm6.75 KB28/10/2016 - 14:32

Fixed small bug


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Hello coderus,

Could you update this patch for if you have time please?

Or a other idea is to integrate this in the patch in the patch "Always show close icons" by Ancelad.

Thanks in advance...

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Okay, so this one definitely doesn't work any more on XA2 Plus running Any chance you could look into that? Also, appears to conflict with Force 3x3 Grid patch.

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Don't know if this is Sailorgram issue or related to this patch, but the Notification count on Sailorgram cover doesn't reset automatically. I mean, when there is unread message, you tap the cover and read the message, then swipe back to homescreen. But there is still notification count on the cover. You have the open the app and manually swipe to conversations list, then back to that conversation. After that the notification count has been reset.

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So to get this working on E-Mail you need to change your Account Description on Settings/Accounts to "E-Mail" If it is set to anything other than that, it will not work. I have no idea if it is translation dependent but this at least is something the user has control over. Now it works fine for the Mail Card as well.

Great Concept coderus! As always :D