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Simple, online-only Schedule viewer for DiVOC

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What is this organization. Where we can learn everything of it??

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Well - germans - what shall I expect. Not only that your grandfathers brought wars to the world, but brought marxism too by investing money into the Russian Revolution 1917 - check your history books.
Writing U as a bulgarian, whose country was almost 50 years under oppression of the menhating ideology your ancestors helped get spread in Russia! Seems you haven't learned a thing from 'em.

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Marxist Politics and leftist remarks from day 1. Who is paying you, guys? Qui Bono?

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I am just one, as far as I know. Guess, I did it in my spare time. Haha, joke asside, of course it is paid by the Antifa GmbH. Now that one cannot get any demo money, i need to write apps like this to afford my luxurious life style.

In the end, it's all for the proletariat of course.

How about you, sockpuppet?