Baby Monitor

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This is my first attempt at creating a native baby monitor app for Sailfish. Its interface is similar to an Android app of the same name. Please use this version for testing only. It will most likely not work if the device is not plugged in because of the power saving mode.

The source code can be found here:

Currently, the UI is very technical. I would appreciate any suggestions on improving usability.

Application versions: 
File harbour-babymonitor-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm15.92 KB29/09/2015 - 00:25
File harbour-babymonitor-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm20.3 KB07/09/2019 - 23:09
File harbour-babymonitor-0.2-2.armv7hl.rpm22.06 KB09/09/2019 - 23:39

* Mo Sep 09 2019 Thomas Zell <> 0.2-2
- Translations for Chinese, French, and German

* Sa Sep 07 2019 Thomas Zell <> 0.2-1
- DBus command fixed for dialing

* Mo Sep 28 2015 Thomas Zell <> 0.1-1
- First release


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Recently the app seems to have stopped working when phone is in sleep mode.

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Dear birefringence, thanks a lot. It works likr a charme now. This was my only serious gap regarding apps in sailfish.

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Oh that would be great. I didn't expect an answer, to be honest.

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Ok, I got the new format. I will now update the app.

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Should work now. Note that on Xperia devices you will probably need to run something like

pacmd set-source-volume source.primary 163840

Otherwise the microphone volume will be too low.

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That's a command to run in Terminal ?

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Installation works fine. However instead of triggering the call, it says network error

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Indeed ... probably the used dbus interface changed with some of OS updates. I will need to check that.

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You know that there is a also a Babymonitor existing for Nokia N9?
It works very similar.

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No, I did not know this. Thanks for the pointer :-)

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It runs with Sailfish 2.0

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Ok, I'm still investigating, why it does not work automatically.

In any case, you could try to run the following command in the terminal:

pkcon install qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio

(edit: apparently you do not need devel-su as I have written previously)

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It says:

Schwerwiegender Fehler: qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio-5.2.1+git5-1.16.9.armv7hl benötigt qt5-qtmultimedia = 5.2.1+git5-1.16.9, was aber nicht angeboten werden kann

Means, that the package qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio-5.2.1+git5-1.16.9.armv7h needs also qt5-qtmultimedia = 5.2.1+git5-1.16.9, which is not available.

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Got it! There was a process or a PID-File which stopped the actualization of all packages. I found it out by using zypper. With zypper I could remove the PID-File (or process) and after an refresh I could install qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio and your app.
Thanks for your answers! :)


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Ok, great :-) Thanks for your feedback!

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Ok, and what happens if you try to install qt5-qtmultimedia first?

pkcon install qt5-qtmultimedia
pkcon install qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio
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Schwerwiegender Fehler: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-multimedia-5.5.0+git6-1.20.3.armv7hl benötigt qt5-qtmultimedia = 5.5.0+git6-1.20.3, was aber nicht angeboten werden kann

I tried pkcon install qt5-qtdeclarative-import-multimedia, result:

Schwerwiegender Fehler: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-multimedia-5.2.1+git5-1.16.9.armv7hl benötigt qt5-qtmultimedia = 5.2.1+git5-1.16.9, was aber nicht angeboten werden kann


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Great! I am waiting for this app! :)
I tried to install it but it says that it needs the qt5-qtmultimedia-pulseaudio package which I cant find... ? Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks!

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There is indeed a requirement for qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio but that is in the list of allowed requires since February 2015 and should be available by default. Can you tell me which version of SailfishOS you are running?