Clipbook Pro

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A clipboard history manager designed to keep track of all text items you cut,copied and pasted with your phone's clipboard, so that you can access them later. With option to persist data after pasting.

PRO version extra features

  • Redesigned UI
  • Background processing ability to keep saving entries even if app is turned off
  • Swipe to delete
  • Write to text file
  • User selectable auto start option
  • Optimized for minimum power usage
  • Publish clipboard content changes to home screen feed (User selectable)
  • Integration into system settings.

Requires PR 1.2 or above

IMPORTANT : : For best results, keep the "Persist data" setting turned off. If turned on, do no paste in quick succession. This might cause app freeze due to a Qt bug.
Application versions: 
File clipbookdir_3.0.0_armel.deb72.88 KB04/03/2014 - 23:43

clipbookdir (3.0.0) unstable; urgency=low
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Can you please port this amazing app to sailfish please? I don't mind donating for the project and am sure a lot of former meego users would agree with me