System Monitor

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System Monitor records and shows your phone usage detail stats.

Currently you are able to see CPU, Battery and Traffic stats.

More stats will be added in future versions.

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Application versions: 
File harbour-systemmonitor-0.5-15.armv7hl.rpm69.67 KB12/09/2014 - 01:33
File harbour-systemmonitor-0.6-18.armv7hl.rpm71 KB30/09/2014 - 22:19
File harbour-systemmonitor-0.6-19.armv7hl.rpm70.99 KB02/10/2014 - 13:30
File harbour-systemmonitor-0.6-20.armv7hl.rpm72.63 KB15/10/2014 - 19:14
File harbour-systemmonitor-0.6-21.armv7hl.rpm71.5 KB29/10/2014 - 18:16

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Can you please add info, whether some of the data is live or average? I can't find a clue to determine, what is being shown above the diagrams. A character like Ø or ~ for average and live would be great!
Thank you!

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This works very well on the Xperia X, but it doesn't seem to be capturing the cellular traffic - perhaps the wrong device name is being used?

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Great utility. After factory reset and restoration of /home/nemo from backup, I couldn't have Sysmon running effectively.

I checked "chown nemo:nemo -R /home/nemo/.config/systemd", it's ok. Any other files/folders to check?

basil's picture

What do you mean by saying "I couldn't have Sysmon running effectively"?
It does not start? does not autostart? does not collect data? graphs are empty? only few graphs are working?

objectifnul's picture

Installed normally, autostart accepted, but "no data" shown by the graphs.

basil's picture

Data is stored at default application data, check that user nemo owns directory "/home/nemo/.cache/thecust" all subfolders and files.

objectifnul's picture

Currently nemo owns /home/nemo entirely. However I'm afraid my restoration after factory reset messed up many things in the ownerships and permissions. For example my five-digit device lock could no longer be activated. So I think I need to reset again, with an adequate restoration policy, specially as far as ownerships and permissions are concerned. Didn't find comprehensive instructions so far.

basil's picture

Nemo always owns /home/nemo, but this does not mean that he owns all files and directories inside.
Check exact path I specified, including all sub-folders and files inside. I assume, that you can run 'chown nemo:nemo -R /home/nemo/.cache/thecust' as root to fix permissions for system monitor. And I guess that running 'chown nemo:nemo -R /home/nemo' should fix other applications.
Dont forget to report permission issue after backup/restore to Jolla.

objectifnul's picture

Thanks. Sysmon is ok now ('thecust' was the issue, uneasy to guess without your tip). But I still need to reset and restore, as many other ownership issues are remaining, and I have no cue to address them one by one. Will be more careful this time.

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I noticed something strange: the nights during which I put the phone on charge, the CPU usage is less (than the nights when the phone is not charging) due to the IO wait being lower. Is it a bug or ...?

basil's picture

Not really a bug, but some miscalculation due to thing how cpu works. Corrections needed for the algorithm.

That happens because when phone is charging, CPU does not enter power saving mode, and actual cpu timing clocks count equals real(astronomical) time diff. And when it is saving power CPU skips some wakeups, so sum of clocks are less then real time diff.

Jordi's picture

OK, thanks for your answer.

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Great app!

Mystery47's picture

Basil did it again...Just awesome diaghram app what shows battery, memory etc. specs nicely. Daily use...

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Русский планируете прикрутить?

basil's picture

после добавления статистики по каждому приложению/системе, на transifex будет проект перевода. напишу дополнительно.

toxip's picture

I'm unable to check autorun on system reboot. I just reverts back when I leave the settings page.

basil's picture

Settings page -> Click Autorun, state changed to "Service will autorun on system boot" -> leave Settings page, enter Settings page again, and Autorun is disabled, "Service shouldbe launched manualy"?

toxip's picture

Only the glow activates but the the state never changes from "Service should be launched manually". Clearly no effect on checking that function. Any way to manually edit some file to force this setting on? This happened after I updated the app.

basil's picture

what sailfishos version are you using? settings depends on systemd configuration. In terminal as 'nemo' user execute `systemctl --user enable harbour-systemmonitord` to enable autostartup, and `systemctl --user start harbour-systemmonitord` to start now.

rrunner64's picture

I also have the problem that I can not enable autorun on system boot. `systemctl --user enable harbour-systemmonitord` gives this error: 'Failed to issue method call: No such file or directory'. I’m on but had the problem also before Update9. Starting the service manually works without problems.

basil's picture

check if /home/nemo/.config/systemd/user/ folder path and all parent paths exists on your device(it should be autocreated by systemd on first service enabling) and is writable by nemo user? if "systemd" is missing - try to create it, "user" subfolder is auto-created and auto-deleted when there are no startup services left.

Jordi's picture

Same problem here, with and same error as rruner64 when doing "systemctl --user enable harbour-systemmonitord".

"systemd" is there, "user" subfolder also. is it safe to remove "systemd"?

basil's picture

check your permission for folder systemd with `ls -la /home/nemo/.config/systemd` and then change it to nemo with `chown nemo:nemo -R /home/nemo/.config/systemd` runned from root-shell.

Jordi's picture

This is what I get:

[nemo@dhcppc9 ~]$ ls -la /home/nemo/.config/systemd
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root    8 Feb  4  2014 .
drwx------ 1 nemo nemo 1646 Oct 12 00:09 ..
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root   60 Feb  4  2014 user


Thanks! It's working now.


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It seems there was a permission problem with the "systemd" folder. I deleted it and it was recreated when I enabled autostart in System Monitor. Now everything works. :-)
Thank you very much!

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About is now showing 0.6-20 - said 'no data' then realised service was not enabled in Settings. Not sure data is being collected though as graphs blank. Will post later.

basil's picture

Open settings page, and enable daemon. It is stopped, and does not collect any data on your phone.
Count of collected units is also shown at settings page.

ninepine's picture

Hello Basil

I've updated to 0.6-20 (Shows as 0.6-18 in About) but the cover now says "No Data".

The App is collecting data and is very useful with the graphs in the App working fine.

(NB If is Preview a Comment here and then Save it it doesn't appear to be added. If I Save the comment without Preview it is).