OpenRepos upcoming features

I'd like to present a short list of features which will be implements as soon as possible, as they will attract more developers and users to our community.

Client application

Yes! Indeed! So there will be no console monkey-typing or anything like that. Find apps and install with just one tap. Browse by name, categories, tags, description, and developers.

You can find client application for called "Warehouse" here.

Source packages upload

Source package upload will be available as soon as target builders will be up. During source upload you will be able to select target platform. Build logs will arrive to you email as soon as queued package will be processed. Or you can add additional targets after uploading package and trigger rebuild.

CLI util for OpenRepos

orn-cli is a tool, a set of scripts(or a single script) which allow publisher to maintain their repositories and applications from console. It will simplify uploading updated version of applications, adding new applications, or removing old versions. You would be able to add post build event on your localhost for instant uploading. Details will be provided as soon as tool will be ready for tests.

Semi-Automatic application info filling

When uploading from source of binary packages to newly created application, or when creating application via cli, automatic info extraction will be supported to fill name, category, description and icon.

SailfishOS and other platforms repositories.

Basically, Jolla repositories are ready to distribute rpm packages, but are disabled until first device will be launched. We need to know that repositories will be compatible, and build target is appropriate.
Other target platforms can be added in future, if lots of developers will need it.

Reports system

Tired of Nokia Store lagging reports? So we are! 
At your profile, as well as at your applications pages, general reports tabs will be added. Amount of report details will be announced later, but i guess count of downloads, countries, languages will be available :)

Github/Bitbucket integration.

When builders will be up and running, it's just about time to integration with pulling branches and building them for automation application updates. Special formatted file should be added to source tree to rule the compilation targets and etc. And you will get shiny badge about your application status on builder like ones provided by Jenkins.

Other cool ideas

If you got any other cool ideas that worth discussing and sharing, go ahead and leave comments or site feedback!


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If you're looking for a place to host your app's sources, you can also join this team :


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Feature request: SSL-encryption for logging in to site, please. Let's not spread the passwords around in plain text.. ;)

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Done. SSL is up

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I'd really love to see gitorious integration in addition to github and bitbucket :)

And I truly appreciate all the effort being spent on OpenRepos. Thanks :)

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QR code option for the downloads will be usefull!

+1 to MSameer last sentence: thank you!

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as soon full URI support will be within client application, qr codes will appear.

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if only ALL developers used "standard" high quality icons..
MeeGo "standard" icons are so smart, funny, beautiful.. Different!!!
Please, developers, try to design also simbolic and splash icons, meego-styled!!

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Would be nice to be able to find out platform binaries, like for Sailfish :)

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Sure. platform specific filtering is already done. settling down some issues with api before releasing.

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Hi Basil, any news abt the possibility to upload, search and use with #SailfishOS related apps. Now that there are a few devices out there (actually, here) this would be a good place to host code and apps for Jolla that are not yet ready to subnitted to harbour or need some testing by community etc.
Thanks for your efforts, and hopefully the SailfishOS era in mobile app develipnent is soon to be here, and in, too ;)
Cheers for now,
-jukka a

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SailfishOS apps are already supported, and personal repositories are online. You can filter application by selecting target platform at top left "Application platform" combobox. For example DateDiffCalculator or Quando Patre are uploaded, and installable on devices (tested with on sailfish-n9 ;) )

Current version of Warehouse does not support platform filtering yet, but will do for sure. And I'm working on sailfishos version of Warehouse ;)

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added a first application for Sailfish (hexedit)

while rpm tested and working locally, adding repo and keys on Jolla device Iam not able to install hexedit from openrepos

zypper in hexedit gives not found, and zypper se hexedit find no hits ??

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Have you added repository using the zypper command? Any errors occured?
After uploading package, repository is updated within 1-3 mins. As I see now everything has been imported, and should work as expected.

NielDK's picture

zypper ar -f
rpm --import
zypper ref

Retrieving repository 'Personal NielDK sailfish repository' metadata --------[\]
File 'repomd.xml' from repository 'Personal NielDK sailfish repository' is signed with an unknown key 'BB93F9464C2DA98C'. Continue? [yes/no] (no): yes

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Well, order of operations is okay, but, key shown is invalid, should be gpg-pubkey-4c2da98c-51de6d92, check if it is imported correctly: `rpm -qi gpg-pubkey-4c2da98c-51de6d92`.

Anyway, on my n9 hexedit also cant be found/imported due to metadata mismatch. seems like issue with application packaging or building package.

rpm -i ./hexedit-1.2.10-1.armv7hl.rpm
        package hexedit-1.2.10-1.armv7l is intended for a different architecture

Your package named like 'armv7hl' but it's archetecture is 'armv7l'.

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correct about archiecture. the hl extension is a simple rename to see if it mattered.

not sure about N9...

the application is compiled, and packaged on-device (Jolla device) using rpmbuild (spec file may be incorrect, but, it builds rpm without errors)


key import checked as you instructed, output is GPG ASCII keyblock

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for the reference

tested coderus repo, which workef.

But, still mine not working

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what do you mean?

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website Increase in Chinese language

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You mean interface translation? May be later, not now.

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Yes, interface translation :)

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It would be awesome if we could login to our accounts through the warehouse app, post comments, rate apps and network with members. oooh and add achievements similar to achievement system! :)

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why there is no application platform to choose on the website anymore?

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Actually, I dont know :) need to fix it!